You’ve Got Mail is a movie directed by Norah Ephron. The movie is largely based on the themes of romance comedy and drama. The movie stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. The storyline entails two individuals who are engaged in an online romance- Meg as Kathleen Kelly and Tom as Frank Navasky. Apart from being online lovers, Kelly and Frank are business rivals though obliviously. Their love brews and matures over time with the assistance of an online chat and emailing platform. Both of them were involved in the business of bookselling. In a bid to expand his business, Frank had opened a store next to Kelly’s and it being a brand new outfit, it precipitated the decline of Kelly’s bookstore. The decline of Kelly’s store renders them jobless with some of her workers finding jobs elsewhere while others just retire. It is at one of the meetings when Kathleen on learning of Frank’s identity and his connection to the Fox stores- the cause for her store’s decline- decides to confront him. However, Frank responds harshly and even goes ahead to demean her store. When the two come to know whom they have been chatting with finally, they are shocked to learn that they have long been familiar with each other since they had been frequenting the same street and clashing in terms of business interests. This, however, does not stop them from proceeding with their relationship. The recent break from their partners and the long relationship they had developed online serves to bring them together.

Romance is the major theme visible in this movie this being attributed to the direction of the storyline where the simple communication between the two eventually culminates in a full swing relationship. This is typical of any romance movie whereby the characters communicate with each other using romantic words. Moreover, the fact that the two could finally come together and decide to forget their past is love and romance coming into the display. On the other hand, comedy is display by the use of puns, which the characters throw at each other all along. Drama is depicted by the ingenuity in which the story line was developed with instances of suspense and climax.

The editing of the movie was quite appropriate with everything perfectly fitting into the different slots allocated for. From the beginning of the movie, the use of lighting, and the colors in the depiction of the different sceneries, we see a development of a romantic environment; this combined with the good music that plays in the background creates an atmosphere of warmth.  Apart from that, we see that the allocation of time for each clip is quite enough for the display of the relevant information. As such, one can get the gist of what is being communicated within each clip.

The sound use was quite effective in the creation of the movie storyline as intended by the director- Ephron. Music is the major form of sound evident in the movie. It has been incorporated right from the beginning to the end with each being placed to correspond with the scenes on screen. As such, the theme of romance has been encapsulated in the music hence making its conveyance quite efficient. For instance, the scene where Frank and Kelly become aware of each other is accompanied with music to bring about the desired atmosphere of warmth (IMdb, 1998). Apart from music, there is the use of dialogue as a form of sound. During the confrontation between Kelly and Frank concerning the establishment of the new store, dialogue is clearly the major form of communication between the two.

The movie’s score, which attributed to George Fenton elicits feelings of warmth and being high. This ultimately culminates in the creation of a romantic atmosphere as depicted in the film. The scenes of the romantic connection between Frank and Kelly are characterized with this type of music. One does not fail to develop love whenever such music is in play (Rotten Tomatoes, 2016).

The cinematography played a huge role towards the development of the movies intended purpose. The depiction of the moments when the two would meet in the streets is one such instance when cinematography was well utilized. In this scenery, we see them pass each other without greeting. This helps towards the creation of the story line. Essentially, it is through such that the suspense of the movie developed. These moments have been well captured in the movie.  However, there are instances when the movie’s direction was generally not captured well. For instance, when the two finally meet at the end of the story, there is little funfair as would have been expected. The two lovebirds do not engage in a manner that displays the feelings that they had been harboring for each other all along. This not only leads to an anticlimax but also goes against the intended tone of the movie, as it should have been.

The social context in this movie was presented in the form of online chat and communication. The main characters in the movie develop their love through the use of this platform. As such, their love and is attributed to the online social platform. The film’s major theme is romance with a combination of drama. The director manages to develop this factors right from the beginning though with some difficulties here and there. Therefore, it is evident that the meaning of this movie as intended by the director is romance and love.

The fact that the main characters who took part in this movie are individuals who are well known and famous made it quite difficult to point out the shortfalls. Moreover, Kelly and Frank have also taken part in other movies where they displayed outstanding characteristics. The analysis by well-known critics of this movie also largely informed my decisions. These seasoned individuals in this field and hence have to be right on their opinions. Hence, it won’t be wise to go against their say on this matter.

I found the movie quite enjoyable. The major reason for this is the manner in which suspense is developed tight from the beginning. However, it was a bit disappointing toward the end when the relationships, which the characters had been part of, immediately disintegrate without much explanation as to why. The in which the two were willing to compromise on their business interests also made the movie end in an anticlimax (Leong, 1998). Kelly had lost a lot in terms of business and should have been visible in the end. However, all this is brushed aside. Therefore, I would rate this movie 3 out of 5. I would recommend the movie for those willing to have a light moment full of laughter and emotions.




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