Yoga and Faith

The increasing popularity of Yoga has elicited its demonic association from the Christians’ perspective. However, it is important to understand that Yoga has more to do with physical and mental health besides spiritual peace. The practice of Yoga tends to integrate the functionality of the physical, mental and spiritual components of an individual. Although its history dates back to over 5000 years and has close connection with Hinduism, the benefits are invaluable. It is important to understand that Yoga in itself is not a religion (Thielen, 2016). The tried, tested and proven gains of Yoga exercise transcend generation and overshadow religious faith boundaries. In that regard, the myths and related misconceptions about Yoga emphasize its unfounded satanic connection.

It is imperative that people appreciate the enlightenment moments and the quiet environment in which Yoga places a person (Bordenkircher & Recorded Books, Inc. 2006). For some people, meditation session is fulfilling and acts to strengthen ones religious faith. However, the religious satisfaction derived from Yoga is a matter of choice. Despite the evident gains of Yoga among people that practice it, the human nature to judge it based on religious affiliation cannot miss. In fact, most people that have overcome the misleading idea of Yoga as Satanic have got an opportunity to demystify the popular misjudgments (Thielen, 2016).

It is high time people delinked personal prejudice on specific religious faith from healthy practices like Yoga. All the social and religious practices undertaken all over the world must originate from some point. The most important factor is its usefulness for humanity. In that respect, Yoga proves to promote physical health, mental wellness and a booster to internal peace through meditation (Bordenkircher & Recorded Books, Inc. 2006). In fact, a critical evaluation of Yoga process proves that it take care of all religious groups including Christians and therefore doesn’t warrant fear of association with demonic powers.

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