Yellow Woman

Yellow woman as the narrative goes by, is written by Leslie Marmon. It depicts the life of Native Americans. They have a long history that is passed down the memory lane by different means. Looking at myth these is one part of the natives. In his story Leslie is illustrates the story of a woman incorporating new ideological methods with the traditional one. It has both the mythical part and the real life experience. This response is in review form, looking at the piece of work and raising an opinion at the end of it all.

Leslie starts by introducing us to the culture and ways of the Native Americans; he gives an outline to his poetry before going straight to it. He captures the reader’s attention well. His introduction is superb and well organized. He introduces us from the point of migration to America to the present day and age. He shows us the point of contact with the Europeans and native people of America. Give detailed examples, these is seen in the introductory paragraph(Silko ,714).  The second paragraph speaks of their transition into Americans and being accepted by the American government. He even gives key figures of Native American literature and their works. He talks of it in a manner that inspires one to know more about the natives.

He moves on and talks about their characteristics in details. He brings out key aspects in an organized manner that the reader catches the flow of the works of native America literature. He even brings out more recent works that includes poetry; this is brought out clearly on the last paragraph on page 715 of his work(Silko ,715). He brings out clearly the thoughts portrayed by the natives towards the west. On the next section he introduces us to the mythical part of the natives. He explains how it is part and parcel of their culture. How it has come a long way and is incorporated to the new ways and culture of the present day Native Americans. He gives outline to the mythical world of the natives, trying to explain the significances before beginning his story(Silko ,716).

The third section of his work now is the story, the narrative itself, the Yellow Woman. He writes the story in third person perspective. He speaks of his grandmother giving a clear background of her upbringing the first paragraph. He gives a good description of her grandmother making the reader to portray clear how her grandmother was. She describes her in manner and aspects. He tells of how well her grandmother is a good storyteller and the new terms he learnt from her.  He even uses pictures beside the story in order to give the reader an insight of what he is talking about. He uses figures of speech to illustrate his work clearly. Leslie’s piece of work is outstanding, it portrays well different periods and different stories her grandmother told her(Silko). It gives clear and strong supportive sentences that bring out the character of love affair brewing up between the two characters and how it affected them greatly. The effects are outstanding. The story line is catchy to the reader’s attention, making them to want to know more and try to figure out what is next in line.(Silko) . He even explains beside the paragraph what he has used to portrays certain characters. He explains the meaning of sentences and putting them in bold in order to pin point to the reader the various methodology he has used in writing these narrative. It’s an exceptional piece of art on its own.

The kind of work when you sit down to read u doesn’t need a break, it keeps you occupied and focused on it. He uses the art of poetry to the fullest capabilities. He uses different handy works at the same time, he describing the life of native woman and in a lifelong process. He introduces the westerners in manner that symbolizes change a shift in thoughts. The journey of a woman amazed and guided by the urge of a well built and heaven sent handsome guy who changes her mind and makes her divert from the course. The story as he was told by her grandmother is captivates. The two worlds combined as world, mythical and real world bring out a great view point(Silko).

In the end all goes back to where it all started but with a different insight and different thoughts of schools.  Well I think it’s kind of odd foe the story line of these narrative to have both the agency and interpellation at the same time, it’s my kind of suggestion though everyone has his or her opinion. There are different worlds in the story one that is mythical and distinct from the real world of which they are portrayed in different aspects of life of the yellow woman a narrative told to Leslie by her grandmother. They give different views in walks of life and the kind of choices being made.  Yellow woman goes out for a walk meets the new guy and goes with him yet at the end of it all has to come back to his family and husband. Interpellation is the real world that is portrayed in the life of the yellow woman while agency, these is when she was out on a walk. The mythical world insight and having different school of thoughts

All in all this narrative requires close scrutiny when reading. One can have a different perspective in view of the story. These narrative is complicated on its own but well simplified by the author as he gives an outline of his piece of work. All is centered to the main character that has gone through various experiences in the different walks of life. It’s a 5 star rating material that one needs to ease as he or she goes through because of its complexity.

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