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A Philosopher of Feelings: The Moral Decision

Philosophy is regarded as the knowledge and wisdom of the people and life. This, therefore, entails having knowledge and understanding of peoples’ lives, feelings, and emotions. However, philosophers have repeatedly been accused of being people who have ‘no feelings and no love. My attention is drawn towards an article in The New Yorker profiles which depicts a philosophy scholar and lecturer Martha Nussbaum. This paper will explore the important aspects of this article and how effective it is in describing the subject.

The article begins by expressing a scenario that seems to be in support of the popular belief that philosopher has no feelings. The story about Martha’s mother’s death and the prevailing situations appear to point to this direction. However, the author slowly and strategically deepens the insight of the audience to look at the philosopher from a different angle. The sections of the article that follow illuminate the elements of the life of the philosopher that are often ignored. The author successfully converts the perspective from that of accusatory towards the philosopher to a more understanding point of view that aims to bring out the meaning of the title, ‘The Philosopher of Feelings’.

The author uses an angle of mutual understanding and approaches the topic from the point of awareness. This assist in creating the insight required in the audience. This article is quite recent and hence contemporary which makes it timely and easy to relate to the current situations. The lesson from the article is that in as much as people may accuse others of things that they do not understand; it is often important to seek to understand before one points at other accusingly.

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