A World of Art, Eighth Edition – Henry Sayre

How do artists explore the process of creativity? (page 10 of text)
The process of creativity is, in large part, the artist’s attempt to think critically. Being creative is innately human, but not everyone has the desire or ability to be an artist. The artist uses observation, imagination, and interpretation to create images or objects that answer these critical questions. Artists must be willing to explore ideas that might be challenging and allow that the result will sometimes be unexpected. Art is not simply the result of a step-by-step process. Instead, artists have to be open to discovering something new through their work.
Please note that this sample answer does not simply copy what the text says, but interprets the meaning of the text and uses that information to answer.
Read carefully and answer thoughtfully. If you need help or have questions, please feel free to ask

The questions:
Chapter 8-9 Reading Check
Answer the questions below and submit through Blackboard.
1. Explain how paper developed.
2. Discuss three examples of “Dry Media” in drawing.
3. What is the difference between pen-and-ink and brush-and-wash?
4. How are contemporary artists using drawing in innovative ways?
5. Explain the relationship between drawing and painting.
6. Explain the process of encaustic painting.
7. How is a fresco different than an oil painting?
8. How did the invention of acrylic paint change painting?
9. What is a mixed-media work?
10. Discuss how photography has effected two-dimensional media.

Chapter 11-12 Reading Check
Answer the questions below and submit through Blackboard.
1. Explain how the photograph developed.
2. Discuss the importance of composition in photography.
3. How did the invention of color photography change the nature and role of photographs?
4. Explain the role of film and cinema in art.
5. Discuss the place of video and computer technology in contemporary art.
6. Explain the difference between a subtractive process and an additive process in sculpture.
7. Discuss the 3 forms of sculptural space.
8. What is the difference between modeling and casting in sculpture?
9. How and why do we interpret sculpture differently than other artistic media?
10. How do you interpret the meaning of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate”?

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