Worksite wellness meeting

Increased campaign for employee productivity by the corporate world has necessitated worksite wellness programs. It is worth noting the significance of a balanced life regarding physical fitness and mental freshness in the work place. Setting up a workplace physical fitness site, putting requisite facilities and a schedule constitutes a desirable program. Many organizations are making efforts to meet the societal call for a healthy population through workplace wellness programs (O’Donnell 56). In that regard, setting up the program provides an ample avenue with customized features that meet the diverse physical and mental needs of individual employees. Besides, such programs yield positive externality for the society at large while sustaining organization performance.

Worksite wellness program has several benefits. Employees can keep track of good physical health that translates to consistent productivity. The organization stands to gain as much as the individual employees. Therapists in such programs provide much needed moral support that significantly relieves employees of stress (O’Donnell 76). The result is a sense of belonging, the value of the employee and improved vitality. Wellness promotes healthy choices among employees that yield limited absenteeism and healthcare-related costs. The organizations that run wellness programs alongside the work schedule saves itself from diminishing productivity and boosts loyalty of its employees.

There are diverse potential worksite wellness projects. Some organizations pass a policy that adjusts work schedule to accommodate time for physical exercise in the workplace (Gantner 63). In some instances, kitchen and eating points within the worksite promote bonding among employees and emphasize nutritional balance. Financial incentives to participants in physical fitness sessions or counseling are alternative initiatives that amount to worksite wellness programs. Besides, employee-employer interactive sessions would also boost individual confidence and translate to job satisfaction.

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