Workers Pay More for Health Care as Companies Shift Burden

Workers are Feeling the Burden of Healthcare Premiums

The establishment of healthcare insurance systems by the law was to ensure that all people have access to affordable healthcare (Zamosky, 2013). For the employed, deductions are made by their employers to cater for this premium. An article published in the New York Times on 14th September show that the workers are now paying more for the healthcare. This is a reaction paper to this article. The paper is guided by an observation that companies have found new loopholes to shift the healthcare burden to the workers who the law inherently seeks to protect.

The article uses reports from an analysis by a private company. The report indicates that the average healthcare coverage provided by employers has remained rather constant over the last two years. The company also reported an observed moderation of premiums by most of the companies. However, the author of this article from a deeper analysis of the report writes that increasingly, the workers are paying a higher proportion of their medical bills even with coverage (Abelson, 2016). By analyzing the reduced rise in premiums as well as the increasing deductibles on the side of workers, the author finds that the burden has now been shifted to the worker who instead of benefiting from the coverage is forced to dig even deeper into the pocket in case of medical bills. The author also observes that most employers have contributed to the shrinkage of the networks where workers are required to only visit specified physicians.

This article is an eye opener to anyone interested in the healthcare and healthcare insurance. First, the author expresses deep concern for the general public based on the facts from the analysis and the reports. The opinions of the author can, therefore, be echoed from all the stakeholder domains. Consumers of healthcare insurance,for instance, are therefore pre-warned about the hidden costs of employer coverage. The article is interestingly significant at a time when the country seeks to bring into power policy-makers who will most likely be put to task to see to it that the workers are protected from undue exploitation.

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