Women In The Workplace 1904

The video clip offers a chronological account of how womenfolk broke the tradition of men taking up all jobs. In 1980’s student unrest was subsiding but women sustained their countrywide demonstration to get their voice heard. It is evident that from strategic search scheme that combined feminism campaign and fundamental rights, women were able to begin taking leadership positions in the universities and colleges. It, therefore, means that a steady rise in women joining leadership positions in various socio-economic and political platforms.

Unique assignments that include political positions, corporate leadership, military membership, space science were initially a preserve for men. However, from the video, women began to champion for progressive inclusion in decision-making institutions. It is evident from the video that male chauvinism significantly tried to suppress the potential of women. While the role of women in the industries was predominantly subordinate to men, a group through national mobilization and strong political campaign fought to ensure women had their right place in the society. Considering prominent female leadership pioneers that include; Linda Alvarado, Nancy Pelosi, Ferraro, among others, women emerged as equally competent in jobs previously entrusted with men. In the workplace, women seemed to take a junior position with the prospect of lower wages. However, this trend was to change slowly as women began taking top management leadership position in the corporate world. A case in question is Linda Alvarado, who worked on construction sites with significant criticism and mockery. The strong belief that such jobs were meant for men made some people to draw her pictures a clear indication of perceived inferiority of women in predominantly masculine assignments. However, Her relentless effort and decision to pursue her goals despite gender surprised many when she became the first woman to start a construction company.

The video also shows the barriers that women were trying to make it into the men’s world had to meet. The first women taking executive management positions had a challenge on how to look in order to fit the perceived masculine role in boardroom and office. In some cases, women executives were clearly compelled to put on bow ties that closely resembled men so that the feminine look is significantly erased. It is evident from the video that feminist debate propelled some women to unleash their potential and prove to the society the worth of a woman outside the kitchen. When Ferraro declared her interest to be the vice president of the United States, the unprecedented support she got from both female and male quarters was a proof that time for women and their ability to equal men had come. It is, therefore, worth noting the exponential participation of women in activities that were secured for men. Women were able to explore space, work as firefighters, hold political office like in the case of Hilary Clinton, and head multinational corporations.

Gradually acceptance of female capability to deliver to the society in different leadership capacity began to remove some of the barriers previously encountered by women. One such example was the renewed feminine appearance to retain the beautiful female identity while holding a position. The legal reforms gave women more freedom and opened opportunities that eventually showed men the unexploited potential of women. Although women still face certain barriers to rise the social ladder in various decision-making positions in the society, there is significant progress in as far as gender equity in the workplace is concerned.


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