The overriding force behind its Wild Turkey Bourbon performance over the past decade into the current competitive market is its core values. Differentiation has been used strategically to simplify these values to retain existing customers and attract potential brand loyalists. Such master brand cores values provides a platform in which all the other products are distilled, marketed and distributed.

The core value of Wild Turkey Bourbon emphasizes independence, quality and holding to its heritage with a genuine course to its great taste. Such consistent originality platform has remained key in determining its positioning hence boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty (Kapferer, 2012). The architectural presentation of each product under this brand follows the aforementioned values. Emphasis on the brand’s emotional effect plays a central role in distillation techniques of its associate products. Besides, Masterbrand facets that include packaging, advertising and design must be reflected across all the products in order to satisfy the positioning condition.

Brand performance is critical in sustaining the products survival amidst stiff competition in the market. Most firms have applied strategic brand management approaches to address the issue of sustainability. The history of Wild Turkey Bourbon whiskey explores a tactical brand competitive creation that has seen it perform well in the whiskey industry. Since its inception in 1855, shut down in 1919, and its repeal and full fledge production in 1933, Wild Turkey has remained a force to reckon with. In respect of its brand range diagnosis, position and multi-dimensional approach to keep it competitive are some of the tools that has consistently been applied by the firm (Kapferer, 2012). It is worth to note that the Whiskey has undergone significant quality and quantity revolution with significant market size.


Product ROLE  in building the Masterbrand packaging advertising Labels
Wild Turkey 101 This product has the traditional flavor of bourbons with higher alcoholic content. It has a greater resemblance to the original bourbons hence keeps customers loyal as they associate it with the historic Masterbrand. Besides, the little dilution is a quality goal that is consistent with the original brand. It is packaged in bottles and taken in shots and meets the distribution form expected of Bourbon Whiskey. Target market is men hence advertised through sports events. The label bare the brand image of Turkey
Wild Turkey 80 Proof It is distilled to 40% ABV with a flavor close to the original brand. The quality emphasized in its production and target market aligns it to the Masterbrand hence boosting its position. It has a burning taste that is reminiscent to the original one hence contribute to popularity of the latter. Packaged in bottle for longer stay. Advertisement is through electronic media alongside sports and music events. The image of Turkey stand out to show the origin of the product
Wild Turkey Rye In the master brand’s core value of genuine and quality is exhibited by this product. It gives a pure rye taste with local relevance to bourbon and American identity. In that regard, this product promotes brand loyalty for those who have had an experience or read about the Masterbrand. Packaged in bottles in line with the Bourbons storage choice. Its advertisement utilizes modern E-media technology and sophisticated print material on variety of products on the same brand. Image of Turkey is the trademark of the package hence create an impression of the original Bourbon brand.
Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old This product provokes one’s emotions in memory of the original brand. Its association with the unique distillation process, blend of flavors is characteristic of the original brand hence its central role in sustained brand performance. Packaged in bottles that boosts visibility and appearance of the whiskey. Besides storage is long lasting.   The image of Turkey is missing but replaced by an attractive product range name.
Russell’s Reserve Rye This product explores the distillation heritage of the Bourbon Whiskey. It exhibit the intrinsic taste of the original brand through quality distillation and boosts the market positioning of the brand Packaged in bottles with considerable durability to retain the maturity culture from the original Bourbon Advertisement is on e-media with more focus on independent thinking men. The image of rye emphasizes the flavor of unique rye.
Wild Turkey Rare Breed This product is distilled to almost zero water content. It is sipped with little water in reference to the original brand that overtook the whiskey experience in the US. With approximated 53-54% ABV, its taste adds to the identity of the Masterbrand. Packaged in Barrels from greater volume of storage and quality. Advertised through e-media The image of Turkey with note of Rare breed explores the uniqueness of its flavor.
Wild Turkey American Honey This liqueur bears all the taste of original Bourbon. The addition of American honey in it and 30.5% ABV threshold makes it outstanding and the pride of Masterbrand. It is the modern representative of the original Bourbon whisky. Packaged in bottles with further maturity and consistent quality. Advertisement is through sports and music activities targeting men on electronic and print media. The image of Turkey with America honey label gives it a great appearance
Kentucky Spirit Kentucky spirit is made in adherence to the brand quality value through its total maturity at the time of bottling. It exhibits a 50.5% ABV which is derived from the Masterbrand and help promote loyalty of customers. Packaged in bottle for continuous maturity. The unique appearance of the bottle exposes it to the attention of customers. Labeling is through handwritten date, warehouse and barrel number hence the authenticity of the product.
Wild Turkey Ready To Drink Its flexibility in terms of consumption especially in outdoor activities is characteristic of the Whiskey. Such was the intention of the Bourbon as it boosted vibrant lifestyle. The Cola taste incorporated into the wild turkey strengthens the positioning of the Masterbrand in the market. Packaged in bottles and cans for portability hence convenient. E-media and print material. The cola label boosts its visual impression and history of creativity.

















Kapferer, J.-N. (2012). The new strategic brand management: Advanced insights and strategic thinking. London: Kogan Page.

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