Who Do Advertisers think you Are

Online marketing takes significantly creativity in as far as target market is concerned. The online advertisers seem to gather critical information through Google about individuals. It is then easy to narrow down on demographic characteristics of specific group and individuals and match their needs with specific products. It is worth to note that online advertisers have learnt the art of tracking online actions of individuals and established possible consumption behavior. The result is targeting some advertisement with specific persons.

In view of my visit to the Google settings, I noted some of the assumptions Google make about individual interests, age and gender. One of the assumptions is that young people are obsessed with adventure and modernity. In that respect, new communication and gaming technology is considered of high demand among young people. Using the age of an individual, adverts on latest mobile technology, online games, movies, cars fashion and music are channeled towards people falling with the 15-25 age brackets as in my case. Another assumption is that gender determines type of goods desired and frequency of demand. Latest fashion ware and music is associated with the craving of ladies while latest computers, telecommunication technology, cars and architecture are associated with ego and competitive nature of men. For example when I go online, I always encounter pop ups of latest iPhones among other gadgets. The assumptions reflects the creative sieving of demographic profile by the online marketer in line with observed consumer behavior of different people from different geographical locations, age, gender, religion and socio-economic  class.

Most of the online adverts are close to accurate as they are based on tried and tested consumer behavior. In fact, most of the products and services advertised online get significant attraction and are turned into purchase. The assumptions are therefore fairly accurate but reveal breach of privacy. I believe that the extent of privacy exposed is not detrimental to personal security. In most cases, the personal data most constitute age, gender and personal contacts with security measures on the user. In that regard, partial violation of privacy exists but I would be more comfortable with disclosing age and gender only.

Online advertisers should simply use the age, gender and observed information exchange by the user to determine the possible demands of the target market. In fact, encroaching into sensitive information like career, religious beliefs and ethnicity amount to serious privacy breach.







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