we were soldiers

Leadership is a practical and integral part of the society. It is exhibited in different forms and serves diverse roles to guide the society in daily activities. In the business world, critical creative thinking forms the core of strategic leadership. Although there are mixed opinions on whether leadership is learnt or genetically acquired, overall behavior of managers and individual personality explain one’s ability to lead. There are different approaches to leadership that are hinged on personal conduct. It is worth to note that leadership constitutes ability to influence behavior of others in any social setting. It is therefore obvious that a leader must possess some unique skills that can induce others to act towards predetermined direction.

A case study from the movie we were soldiers offers an insight into the different types of leadership through the actions of the main character- Lt.col.moore. He has to make difficult decisions in leading his soldiers against the dreaded Vietnamese forces. From Moore’s multidimensional leadership approaches to achieve one goal, a lot can be learnt as far creativity is concerned in making decisions. Supervision is the lowest management level in the organization but forms benchmark of effective leadership. Flexibility blended with authoritarianism is recipe for effective leadership. However, leading by example and participatory decision-making is equally critical in realizing set goals in time and within the confines of desirable quality.

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