Wasted food

Up to 40% of the food in the United States goes uneaten which translates to $165 billion in money lost per annum. This happens in spite of the fact that a lot of resources are utilized in food production right from the farms to the moment they arrive at the table. The process of food production process entails the use of approximately a half of the land and consumes 80% of the fresh water in the USA. The food thrown away not only ends up forming landfills but also generates chemicals which are not necessary and the emission of methane. The food loss also corresponds to nutritional loss. The food thrown away could have been used to feed other people who are having difficulties in putting the same on the table. In putting all the resources required for the production of food and the alternative uses available into perspective, it is clear that everything possible should be done to ensure that the amount of food loss is substantially reduced.

I will prepare food which has reached its ‘use by’ date for my friends. For instance milk products. In doing so, I will be instilling knowledge concerning the use of products and how their expiration dates should be taken into consideration.  They should not confuse the ‘use by’ date and ‘best by’ dates. I will also ensure that I serve them sizable amounts as this will result in the reduction of which can remain as leftovers. Small amounts of savings ensure that the individual will consume all the food on the plate; it is also a good measure towards the reduction of calorie intakes which can affect the body negatively.

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