Walmart Retailers

This essay proposes to assess the development strategies that can be adopted to restore the reputation of Walmart Retailers. Whether commercial, governmental or non-governmental corporation reputation as, is and will always be of immense importance to organizations. In this study, we are going to look at the strategies Walmart Retailer’s management can employ to improve their corporate image.

Walmart recently has been on the wrong books on issues related to discrimination, environmental crimes and human rights violations. It has got many critics as compared to subscribers to   its policies and management techniques. Notably, many customers have complained of its poor services hence tarnishing its image in return negatively affecting its operation.

Consequently, in recent years Walmart has had a bone to chew with the labor unions. The unions have criticized the retailer for its policies and practices. Moreover, the company has experienced charges on discrimination and in May last year it pleaded guilty for several charges of discrimination.

Steven Horwitz however has a different opinion. He says that he stands strong with Walmart and he is pegging his argument on Walmart’s provision of employment and cheap goods. According to him, many of Walmart’s critics “rely on generally misguided economic thinking at the level of both theory and the facts”.

I contradict with Steve.  Reputation does not occur by chance. It is directly connected to management and organizational policies and operations (Gray and John, 7). The quality of products and services and relationship with stakeholders matters when it comes to building a reputation. Goods may be cheap but what about the quality? Quality matters most.

It is also linked to the organization’s identity, performance and how others respond to its behavior.


Warren buffet once admonished that losing reputation is a far greater sin for an organization than losing money. Walmart lost its reputation. However, it is not late for the company as things can be rectified still. Below are the strategies that Walmart can employ to win back its good reputation.


This is fundamental to building the image of a company. Whereas the services and products are of quality a good repute is built and hence good returns and favorable market.

Engage people’s interest

The management can have the interest of is workers and customers at heart for they are the driving force of the company. Notably, employees’ demands and welfares can be sorted out to avoid any technical hitches that will spoil the image of the company. Siting down and negotiating can be the solution to many problems accruing from strained employees-employers relationship.

The management should always be available to its clients and customers. It should build relationship with all the parties concerned with the smooth operation of Walmart. At long last trust will have been built and a mutual working relationship created.

Admit mistakes

No one is perfect. If mistakes are made it is advisable to accept and move swiftly to have the mistake rectified. This will avert strikes, go slows from employees and also shifting of customers and suppliers to other competitors.

Getting to the ground.

This is where the management organizes events at the community level which will act as promotion and good will. The company can sponsor local activities such as sports or fund projects. The good will done will earn the company a good image. However, this must be done out of genuine desire to help. Key is the interest the management will put into the project (Gray and John, 7).

In conclusion, Walmart’s good reputation was stained once the management ignored the hues and cries of employees and customers resulting to many criticism. These are the key players in the success of any business. It will be notable when the management moves to handle issues professionally and considers the above reputation development techniques.



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