If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as different person?”

The quote is derived from the novel, fight club by Chuck Palahniuk p.33. The novel explores the experience of insomnia and the underlying problems that affect victims. While the quote is among several others in the novel, it hold key to an important theme of the work. The story is told from first person perspective to emphasize personal touch with Insomnia. The central issue that the quote seeks to address is the challenge of establishing self-identity.

In several sections of the book, the narrator keeps saying this statement. I review on the novel explores the aspect of self-identity. While Insomnia in itself is a literary word that describe identity problem, the quote emphasize the challenge of identifying oneself. In essence, the statement is a foreshadow to the central revelation of the novel. There are two characters that seem to be infused into one identity, the narrator and the Tyler Durden. The experience of the narrator raises the question as to whether we really know who we are. In most cases, names are mere labels and have little to provide the actual character that people possess. In that respect, internal psychological experiences and interpersonal interactions portray the actual identity of an individual. The narrator suffers from Insomnia that forces him to join the fight club. The reality is that the narrator is suffering from the difficulty to establishing who he is, based on feelings, perceptions, and social environment.

The narrator is making frantic efforts to overcome the problem of Insomnia. He actually joined fight club to wade off possible side effects of the condition. However, in his interaction with other characters, he realizes that he can’t really distinguish actual identity of the other people. The creation of the Tyler persona is a manifestation of the confusion that surrounds the narrator. Besides, the statement emphasizes the duality of humanity in most cases. Although man has one physical body, behavior is subject to circumstances and can take any direction. It is therefore important to underscore the complex interaction of various characters in the novel owing to the identical feelings, common rules, and standardized restrictions. The narrator has gone at lengths to engage in different activities while internally suffering from identity illusions. It is also worth noting that attempts to establish who one is leads to some problems that include overlapping behaviors and loss of control. Like in this case, the narrator is in constant desire to feel powerful.

In conclusion, the narrator fails to notice that Tyler is his personal projection in another physical being. In an attempt to pursue Marla, the narrator creates the persona of Tyler. At the same time, there is evident conflict that brews over Marla’s love for Tyler. Although through his persona of Tyler, the narrator succeeds in getting Marla, he end up losing the ability to control his life. His real identity is swallowed in the persona of Tyler. In that regard, his own identity is threatened and the prospect of redeeming is seems futile. The statement provides a technical question in as far as knowing one’s identity is concerned.


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