Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission I have always been made to believe that education is a very powerful weapon that can be used in changing the world as once said by Nelson Mandela. Because of this, my parents have always taught me to endeavor for advanced academic excellence and therefore the values of hard work and education have been basic to my upbringing. Therefore, my mission has been to act as an instrument of positive change to the lives of others, more so, my family and the entire community. I have been able to use all the talents that God have bequeathed me and took part in all aspects of life with as much energy, gratitude, enthusiasm, and purpose as possible. Being a staunch Christian, I am always guided by a spiritual belief that each individual has a purpose in the face of this earth as we are all called upon by God to serve in some capacity. I have always endeavored to model all the aspects of my life so as to reflect my Christian beliefs and values of kindness, faith, love, honesty, hope and forgiveness which has enabled me to provide as much support and love as possible to my family, coworkers, friends, and those who need it. I have happily shared by talents, gifts and wealth with the less fortunate. I have had friends with different faith and have gone to the temple/synagogue with them to check each of them out and did not find a new faith in any of them, however, I learned about the individuals there which enabled me to develop a new appreciation for what each religion has to offer. This culture of tolerance will enable me to promote learning in the Jesuit Catholic tradition because the University has been educating students of all beliefs, cultures, and capacities and hence will help them to strive for justice through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, as well as sensitivities they need in succeeding as persons, professionals, and architects of a more humane and just world. On the other hand, my sense of compassion and empathy towards all people implies I yearn to help and advocate for others on a physical and intellectual level. I will use this in carrying out the University’s mission such as advancing academic excellence in the service of humankind. I will also use my good people skills in encouraging the students to question, 2 reason, and explore new ideas. In addition, I have volunteered in several organizations which have also taught me to be more about humankind. This has enabled me to learn about what it entails to be a real human being; with real feelings and real pain hence I have learned that even small gestures have some impact on the individuals. I will use this to encourage students to acquire sensitivities needed to succeed as more humane persons, architects, and professionals. I will help the students to become the person they strive to be, the loving and caring people, who can provide unconditional support and love to any other person, especially the less fortunate. Finally, I will encourage the students to appreciate differences and value diversity and act responsibly to help them grow emotionally, academically, morally, spiritually, and mentally, into happy and strong adults.

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