Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Define both virtually reality technology and argument reality technology in a single sentence

Virtual reality technology is defined as an artificial environment which can only be experienced through the sensor stimuli such as sound and sight normally provided by a computer and whereby one’s own action partially determine what really takes place in the environment, argument reality technology on the other hand is a live indirect or direct view of a actual and physical real world environment whose elements or aspects are augmented or simply supplemented by computer generated sensors inputs including graphics, video, and sounds or GPS data (AVR (Conference), In De, & In Mongelli, 2016).

Speculate as to one ethical use of virtual reality and one unethical use of an Argument Reality. Use specific illustrations please. Avoid genera cases (e.g. using AR to commit a crime )

Generally, no single technology will run out of the interest, if not perhaps the grasp of biomedical and clinical researchers. As one of the technologies, a virtual reality is not an exceptional since there are several ethical of using virtual reality. Besides, it appears as though the invention of any radical new technology such as the virtual reality is normally inevitably accompanied by mad scramble for the legislation of the ethical standards regarding its improper and proper use. Through such, it is clear that the initial stab has now been made which is therefore establishing codes of ethics for the burgeoning of the virtual reality which in the long run will see many companies realizing virtual reality headset. In additional, since the new technologies are usually considered as sources of various ethical challenges, the research, acquisition and application of virtual reality tool should thus be accompanied by distinctive policy and ethical analyses (AVR (Conference), In De, & In Mongelli, 2016). Most of these analyses might be guided partially by antecedent studies of informatics-biomedical. Therefore, one of the main ethical issues that arises due to the use of virtual reality includes the training of the health practitioners such s nurses, doctors and clinicians for example ultrasound-guided neuraxial anesthesia, percutaneous renal access and also responding to certain inappropriate request by the patient. This is an ethical issue which has always raised serious concerns concerning the risk of the degradation of important clinical skills.

Augment reality on the other hand as a powerful technology has several ethical issues contributing to several unethical uses of the technology which general poses direct impact on the experience of the end user. Moreover, augment reality is persuasive technology which is already direct unethical impacts on the end user especially when collecting data concerning them as well as their actions. Ethnically, augment reality is currently being used in advising, track, entertain, persuade, manipulate and inform the final user while gathering and making use of their data (AVR (Conference), In De, & In Mongelli, 2016). However, the technology raises several unethical concerns which one of them is given herein. For example, the common uses of persuasion in augment reality. As part of the persuasive technologies, the application of augment reality has high ability of intruding into personal lives of people and manipulates them which are a serious unethical issue. However, there are still several areas of unethical consideration especially when examining the standard ethics of the application of augment reality. In reality, a number of these areas should contribute to further review of the main application intention whereas others are also likely to contribute to the raising of immediate concern.


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