Value of beauty in the society

Beauty is a kind of characteristic in a human, an idea on its own, an object of a kind, a person or let’s say a place which provides some perceptual kind of experiences or that has pleasures and satisfaction. It’s mostly classified under study of anesthetics, social philosophy and sociology. It comes out as an entity that is ideal and much admired and possesses the attributes of perfection. This research paper is tackling the topic on beauty, the human perspective of beauty and the kind of effects it has on human kind. This kind of entity brings a lot of balance to nature and kind of harmony (Symons ,2). Come to think of it, what does beauty entail in life. How do you classify one as beautiful or less attractive in a given  society.

Beauty is said that it lies on eyes of the beholder. This is because it’s an experience that is subjective in nature. Perception of beauty evolves day in day out (Apicella, C.L., Little, A.C., Marlowe, F.W.) . It is evident that beauty has various aspects in landscape and people. It gives some enhanced form of survival in perceiving of human genes.  In terms of human being there is the inner beauty that is the factors that are psychological, for example intelligence, politeness, integrity, personality and last but not least elegance. Then there is the outer beauty of which most people value than the inner beauty. The outer beauty is the physical attributes in general. (Symons ,6). Considering beauty it also has standards, though its standards keep on changing


over time while basing on the cultural values that varies from generation to generation. But however as human beings one is considered as beautiful in physical attractiveness after consideration of their body proportionality, and has smooth skin, relatively young and has regular features. This trend has been there over period of time having in mind the world started centuries ago.

Taking into account physical beauty can be deemed as averageness. Research has been done and proven that most of the composite images are more attractive than individual images. Most of it has been replicated over time and under different accounts it is still evident of the preferences (Galton ,133). There is evidence that shows a much more preference for beautiful faces at much earlier stage in infancy. The rules which govern the laws of attractiveness are always similar across various cultures and genders. In regards to beauty in society the women are the one mostly classified under it. With these it has brought about craziness in the world’s generation of women.  In regards to beauty the society has a very mean way of judging people in regards to beauty. It has now come to be part of us. There is a standard comparison that is always set up. These cause much dissatisfaction and resentment when this is not achieved.

In regards to beauty and the society, it has brought much of preferences that are ideal as people compete for beauty. People deemed as ugly in society have a hard time to cope up in life. They go through hardship as the society unwelcoming attitude towards them. In some cases some people are also targeted and harassed because of this same beauty. There is a documentation that probes in such issues on beauty. Beauty in the eyes of the beheld is one of the best documentation. It probes and explores in great context both the blessings and curses on female beauty in regards to society. A variety o interviews have been of the women who are deemed as beautiful by the society.

A significant amount research has been done in relation to its effect on beauty and fashion industries which always have women on their toes for the latest products.  These have brought about women with confidence issues, esteem issues and a lot of anxiety. This has been brought out about by bodies and appearances. Most have gone through a lot of trouble in order to manipulate their beauty. A high number of women have been noted to be using this beauty product. Many of this industry are mushrooming up and having different products in markets (Britton ,2). It has been noted that women who use make up to bring out beauty have more extroversion and exhibits more life confidence with good emotions that are stable. There performance is well enhanced and have confidence in themselves. Not always does one have such a mindset when coming out, but these are instilled when interacting with the outside world as a whole.

The societies perceive them as beautiful and appreciate them more. In regards to research, it has been noted that good looking students perform well and have higher grades that they are awarded by their teachers. In reference to mock criminal records and files it has been noted that good looking and beautiful criminals are less likely to be convicted. The jurors in courts have a different perspective however, they take the angle that the more attractive and beautiful, the higher the chances of you having committed the crime. In short they believe that the beauty facilitated the crime. All these come under different parameters that have been taken into account ( Amina A Memon, Aldert Vrij, Ray Bull ,46).

In a case study done on teens, it was noted that amongst the teens and the young adults, their skin conditions has a great effect in regards to their social behaviors and also opportunity.  Looking at factors on how much money one can make. It was noted that this was influenced by how attractive one is and their physical beauty. In one of the profound studies in was noted that people who are less attractive earn about 6 to 12 percent less income than an ordinary person. In marriage sector when one considers one for a spouse the women looks mostly are taken into account of  premium angle but for the men the looks does not matter that much. When looking for loans in the market center, the more attractive and more beautiful one looks, the higher the chances of on getting his or her loan approved although they are considered less likely to default ( Amina A Memon, Aldert Vrij, Ray Bull).

In conclusion, most are discriminated basing on their looks and appearance. The world has a way of considering beauty, it can be a curse or a blessing depending on the kind of environment one is.  In our day to day life and society beauty has been taken into account all perspective and manner, from normal life style to business life style. Ones are exposed differently and have their own norms and virtues of beauty. The modern society takes much into account the outward beauty than the inward beauty which matters most. Looks matters but as earlier stated beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and no one is deemed ugly. It all a matter of one perspective and standard that has been created a boundary line which keeps on shifting day in day out with difference in opinion polls and market in the field of fashion and beauty.

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