US Airways Group

US Airways Group is an airline holding company that was established in the year 1939. It has since gone through a series of transformations merging with several other airlines and holdings to form a strong partnership. Among the major mergers were with America West Holdings Corporation and AMR Corporation. US Airways Group has a wide global environment for business including Europe, Middle East, Caribbean and Latin America. This paper discusses the global environment between Mexico and the US. Mexico is located in between the US and Central America. It is best known for the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.

The New Mexican environment has several properties that will boost business for US Airways Group. This is because there are several people seeking to travel to the US on a daily basis. These include international students, business proprietors, and citizens seeking medication and other services in the US. According to Lehman, 2013, several cargo is flown between the two countries. These include finished products from the US first world industries. Thus Mexico offers ready market for the finished industrial products from the US.

There are several barriers that exist between the two countries and that can have adverse effects on the business of the airline company. The first barrier is the diplomatic rows that have existed between the two countries. This is because for a long time the two countries have been accusing each other of sabotage. There are at times when US has placed sanctions and embargos on Mexico. These have watered down the mutual trust that is much needed for any business to take place between the two countries. Secondly is the illegal attempts by several Mexican citizens to cross into the US soil without proper immigration documents (Information Services on Latin America (Oakland, Calif.), 1900). This has eventually led to the construction of the US-Mexican wall to prevent such illegal immigrants. This has bred mistrust between the two governments. This has made it difficult for the two governments to permit air travel between the two countries. This is because in most cases America feels that most people would come into the States illegally. The third critical issue is the issue of drug trafficking. Mexico is known to be the home of drug lords. Its government is also known for its laxity in regulation illegal drugs and taming the drug lords (Aviation daily, including international aviation, 1939). This has served as a major hindrance given that America has strict laws regarding the importation and use of illegal drugs such as heroine in its soils.

Given that the company is private and is also largely regulated by the government, it must put up some strong measures to curb these issues if it is to convince the government to permit it to conduct business between the two countries. The first measure is to convince the US government to sign diplomatic pacts with the government of Mexico. This has partly been achieved following the exchange of diplomatic notes between the two governments on the 22nd July, 2016. This Air Transport Agreement was mainly meant to strengthen aviation between the two nations. Strict rules regarding drug trafficking must also be mutually agreed on to curb the vice (Aviation, 1922). Lastly, the Mexican government needs to put up strict immigration rules to its citizens and to properly mend the porous US-Mexican border to stop the illegal immigrations. If these barriers are properly addressed as suggested aviation will improve greatly and the airline will be assured of great profits in this route.

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