Unrealistic elements in The C above C above High C

There are various unrealistic elements that Ishmael brings in his play so as to cause its effect by using the unrealistic elements in his play; the realm of possibilities is opened up so that limitless options can be achieved. Unrealistic element is evident where people talk concerning topics and events which other people cannot be able to see. The events are also unrealistic since they do not happen during the same time. Events and topics conversed about which people cannot see or comprehend can only be described as unrealistic. It is also unrealistic to speak about things that cannot occur in real life. Mamie Eisenhower can be used as an example to portray the use of unrealistic elements when she was involved in spotlight watching whereas the mistress; Kay was in the hotel room (Heathers Cookbook, 2015). He explained that they just had a fling with his mistress in the room at a hotel. The event is highly unrealistic and similar unrealistic events are predicted in the play. Although Mamie might have known her husband well and his infidelities, it is questionable if she would lurk in the shadows to watch the affair unfold.

One of the scenes unrealistic elements is where Mamie and Armstrong were having a conversation concerning their husbands but at the same time, Ike and Kay were still carrying on in the background. (Heathers Cookbook, 2015) Armstrong is seen asking Mamie who Kay was and She answers that she is her husband’s hope. They continue conversing about her and this shows that Kay was in the background during the conversation. The conversation they make concerning men shows that they continue including Kay in the background since she brought up the discussion. Mamie explains that men should be given a reason to remain along the road since all they do is meet new women and later they pour out or give their souls. Lil does not agree with her and she explains that she created Louis from the moment she went to Joe Oliver’s band.

Unrealistic elements are greatly used in this scene as the play depicts. In reality, Mamie and Armstrong were not standing in a certain room or seated at a certain place in order to carry on their conversation. However, their conversation takes sometimes and the length of words written in the play can show that it took time for Mamie and Armstrong to finish their conversation (Reed, Ishmael, 2009). This is unrealistic because for such a conversation to happen, they were supposed to be at a certain place standing or seated somewhere in a room. However, the author chooses to use such unrealistic element in order to have the effect that he wanted to see in his play. Regardless of whether they were seated or standing at a real position, the author goes on to include a long conversation between the two women.

In this scene also, unrealistic element is evident where Armstrong and Mamie discusses Kay as the woman who was having the affair with Mamie’s husband. This is unrealistic because it is not possible that Kay was standing somewhere they could see her having an affair with her mistress. Since Armstrong asks Mamie who the person was as if she had seen someone, unrealistic element is seen. The play includes Kay on the background despite the fact that she was not there. Mamie explains who the person was as if she had seen the same person that Lil had seen. Here, there is great use of unrealistic elements since the two women were including Kay on the background and the issues they were talking about here were unreal (Reed, Ishmael, 2009). It is not possible to have two people standing nowhere discussing someone who is not there as if they are there. The use of unrealistic element by Ishmael is therefore evident in this scene.

Effects of unrealistic element

The use of unrealistic element in this scene has effects that Ishmael was aiming to see in his play. He puts Armstrong and Mamie together in this specific scene so as to pull emotions in the scene (Heathers Cookbook, 2015). By using the above unrealistic elements, Ishmael was successful in bringing the theme of emotion to his play. Without a clear overview of the women’s real location during their conversation, he goes on to illustrate their conversation anyway. Emotions are seen when Mamie explains that she practically created Louis after his arrival to Joe Oliver’s band she goes on to explain that at that time, Louis did not know how a hat is worn but she helped him to learn. She therefore refuses to agree with Armstrong that men have their own wars. Although Mamie tries to tell her that her husband should be left behind on the road, Mamie does not agree with her. This way, the author is able to introduce the emotions in the play through this scene.

By involving Kay and Ike in the background during this scene, the author is able to unite two events to become one. The element he uses to effect this change is unrealistic but it opens up possibilities for him (Heathers Cookbook, 2015). He is able to have four people in the background but only two of them were conversing. Therefore, the events are brought together in this scene and are made to become one event. Although he uses unrealistic element, the author gains an advantage which people using realistic element could not gain. The use of unrealistic elements in this scene, therefore, helps the author to effect changes that he wanted to display in his play. The theme of emotions and use of two events in one is an advantage which he gains by using unrealistic elements. Therefore, his use of unrealistic element bears him positive results

In this scene, using unrealistic element helps the author bring up a conversation. This is seen where Mamie and Armstrong start discussing men immediately after introducing kay in their conversation. Despite the unrealistic of the element, Ishmael introduces a conversation which he wishes to talk about men. Both Mamie and Armstrong found the effect of their conversation on men based on their unrealistic way of including Kay in their discussion on men.

Use of unrealistic elements to establish possibilities

Based on the overview of how Ishmael used unrealistic elements in the scene, it is clear that he establishes specific possibilities for every element. He does not just employ the use of realistic elements but he does it with objectivity o creating more possibilities in his play. The elements used are clearly seen in effect when Ishmael opens up a theme, character or setting through the unrealistic element. In the portrayed scene above, for instance, the author uses his unrealistic elements to pull emotions in his play and portray an occurrence of two events in one event. If the elements were used in a realistic way in his play, then the only way would have been to eliminate the effect of the unrealistic elements. Therefore, Ishmael employed the use of unrealistic elements so as to open up possibilities in his play.

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