Understanding Group Psychotherapy

Reaction to Irvin Yalom Understanding Group Psychotherapy: Inpatients, Part 1

A critical review of the film reveals the level of competency and creativity expected of a group counselor. While the film is simulated, the idea behind the scenes reflects the knowledge gap that most groups’ counselors exhibit. It is important that inpatient psychotherapy is undertaken through participatory approach. From the film, the involvement of the patients is a recipe to a constructive engagement that promotes trust and confidence. The video provide a practical example of the best psychotherapy approach in the healthcare setting. The contribution of the patients is critical tool to enhance openness during the counseling session.

The video focusses on the centrality of patient’s recovery goal. It emphasizes the need for the counselor to exercise maximum emotional intelligence and empathize with the patient. The counselor needs to create an interactive environment that will boost free expression of personal challenges. Besides, the video is informative as it reflects the emotional challenges associated with group counseling. My personal reaction is mixed owing to the creativity that characterizes the presentation of the video.

I learnt that group counseling should emphasize active participation of the patients. It is also evident that the group counselor must do a lot of listening, promote openness and uphold tolerance.

The information gained from the video is of great use if the counselors can adopt it. In most cases, group counselors assume subjective positions and give little attention to patients’ views. However, a revised counseling approaches in which the patients can express their feelings, opinions and experiences. A group counseling practice need to embrace multicultural aspects of the patients and maintain excellent interpersonal communication skills.

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