U.K. recruitment and selection practices

Expanding Business into United Kingdom

The Country UK

  • United Kingdom is a country in Europe
  • It is one of the major economies in Europe and a world leader in trade and culture.
  • The country is a first world country with a huge economy and a rich heritage.
  • Despite the economic power, the country has recently experienced an increasing and alarming unemployment rate standing at 5% in 2015.
  • Labor productivity has also reduced with the increase in minimum wage.
  • Due to this, the availability of labor force in UK is high but the labor cost is also high due to the increased minimum wage.
  • The Employment Trends in UK
    • Although the general employment rate seems to be improving, the long-term unemployment is increasing in UK as in other countries.
    • Many people especially the youth are in constant search of employment.
    • Foreign establishments therefore have an easy time attracting applicants into their jobs.
    • Social, Political and Legal Aspect of Expansion
      • The UK is a freely democratic country.
      • The country is significant in the accommodation of diverse opinions and views in both the social and even political domains.
      • Guided by the Elizabethan rule, the country does not discriminate foreigners although there are tax differences and charges but they are not exorbitant.
      • All residents, both citizens and non-citizens are protected by the law and identification is mandatory.
      • For this, foreigners are required to have a valid visa and a work permit if doing business in the country.
      • The processes for obtaining these documents are simple and almost always available in embassies around the world.
      • Social, Political and Legal Aspect of Expansion
        • Socially, the UK people are friendly but reserved.
        • In most cases, they like to ‘mind their own business’ and are easily offended especially by anything touching on their personal lives.
        • Gender equality and empowerment of women is highly regarded in the UK.
        • There are laws that are against all forms of gender, racial, religious or even physical-ability discrimination.
        • Canadians are classified in Tier 1 as entrepreneurs and can work for up to 3 years in UK with up to £200,000 funding.
        • The Best Entry Strategy
          • There is relative ease of business in the UK
          • New entrants into the economy do not have to pay exorbitant taxes for recognition and admissions.
          • There is adequate labor supply, but the labor cost is high.
          • Entry will require to send expatriates following the immigration rules and complying with the set regulations to facilitate smooth entry.
          • The company may consider establishment as a sole business or as a partner with the local companies. each of these have pros and cons.
          • Comprehensive economic viability of the move must however be assessed before any entry attempts are made.
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