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Habitat for Humanity Marketing Plan

Business Mission Statement

“Seeking to put God’s love in action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes communities and hope.” “A world where everyone had a decent place to live.”

Background Information and Organizational Description

History: Founded in 1976 on community farm in southern Georgia. Habitat Fresno County started in 1985.

All volunteers except for 3 on site paid staff.

There are no other similar organizations which mean little competition.

Funding sources: Donors, corporations, foundations, government programs

SWOT Analysis

            S There is a four month wait to be a volunteer to help construct a Habitat home. This is a strength we can use because there is little advertising to volunteers that needs to be done in order to get labor. Word-of-mouth is mostly how people discover Habitat.

            WWhile there is a four month wait on volunteering for construction, the ReStore needs volunteers. This place is where materials are donated to be sold to generate some funds for local and global projects. This is only a weakness because it is not the most popular element to the organization.

            OAn external opportunity that Habitat is seeking to take advantage of is community land trusts. According to, community land trusts “provide lasting community assets and permanently affordable housing opportunities for families and communities. CLTs develop rural and urban agriculture projects, commercial spaces to serve local communities, affordable rental and cooperative housing projects, and conserve land or urban green spaces. However, the heart of their work is the creation homes that remain permanently affordable, providing successful homeownership opportunities for generations of lower income families”.

            TA few threats which face Habitat are: slumlords and running out of land. Competitive advantage is offered here, being that Habitat for Humanity offers a service/product at a low cost. They call it ‘sweat equity’ meaning that when a family goes in to have a house built, the only cost to them is their time and labor in construction. Efficient labor, no-frills goods and services also offer a competitive advantage in that patrons will choose this program due to its low cost to them and the company. However, if slumlords are giving cheaper alternatives to living by skimping out on cleanliness and maintenance costs which may be less of a commitment for some. Habitat is also running out of land on which to build because of costs.


            Goal: Increase from the current 7 houses a year to 14 houses by the end of next year.

Target Market Strategy

            The target market for this organization is “families and individuals in need of a hand up”. They also look for families who “demonstrate the need, the ability to pay the mortgage, and a willingness to partner in the construction of their home”. Habitat also targets to cover expenses, mostly with existing donors.

Marketing Mix

            The marketing mix of Habitat for Humanity is made up of several elements in the marketing mix forming the core of the organization’s marketing system and thus helps it in achieving marketing objectives. Habitat for Humanity’s marketing mix discusses the 4P’s of the leader provider of a decent place to live by bringing people together and building build homes, communities, and hope.


Habitat for Humanity places significant emphasis on bringing people together and building build homes, communities, and hope thus building decent places for people to live that families and individuals in need of a hand up want. This is arrived at by carrying out effective market analysis. Although, the requirements of customers change over time, meets these changes by constantly upgrading the plans. The organization aims at providing an excellent place to live that meets the requirements of the individuals and people in need in an exciting way. Its product is high-quality homes followed by exemplary personal services to the people in need, differentiated from the rival. The high-quality homes are a successful strategy to generate high levels of customer satisfaction hence increasing demand by other people in need thereby putting God’s love in action through helping many families and individuals in need of a hand up. The organization needs to fulfill the promises we make by helping as many people as possible with decent places to live.


The perception of value by the customer is a crucial determinant of the charged price because customers often draw the product’s worth in a mental picture. Products have psychological connotations for the customers, and therefore products have to be priced correctly to eliminate the feeling that the quality is being compromised in case of low prices. However, since Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization, the price the customer has to pay for the homes is necessary as it looks for families who have demonstrated the need as well as the ability to pay the mortgage. The prices of the homes are set from the market prices; the current average cost for home constructed by Habitat is $85,000. The homes are offered to partner families without profit and are normally financed with mortgages that are affordable. Habitat also targets to cover expenses, mostly with existing donors. However, we have open pricing on activities such as membership fees, donations from corporations, foundations, and government programs. Volunteers and well-wishers can give as much as they wish in helping the course. In addition, picnic, workshop, fun activity will be conducted each month at the expense of the organization to help in bringing people together in building homes, communities, and hope.


This aspect of the marketing mix covers any marketing communications. Habitat for Humanity will employ advertising on radio, TV, online, in cinema, in the press such as magazines and newspapers and using the poster. In addition, other promotional methods include direct mail, door drops and point of sale display. The marketing communications will develop a campaign that uses many of such techniques in such a way that offer a highly effective result. For instance, TV advertising helps people be aware of the services of the organization, but press advertising gives more detail. The organization markets itself as an international brand. It also promotes itself through its website and as positioned itself as a builder of stronger foundations for the future in the community and around the world.


As a marketing mix’s element, the place is about the physical location or distribution as well as the processes necessary to bring the products to the end users. Habitat for Humanity has officers that are very accessible. It has Administrative headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. and a Global headquarters in Americus, Georgia, U.S. It has area officers around the world: in Pretoria, South Africa for Africa and the Middle East region; in San Jose, Costa Rica for Latin America and the Caribbean region; in Bangkok, Thailand for Asia-Pacific region; the United States and Canada; in Bratislava, Slovakia for Europe and Central Asia. In addition, it has Community-level Habitat offices acting on behalf of and in partnership with the parent organization. The local officers are known as Habitat affiliates or Habitat operations which make the organization very accessible.


Implementation Evaluation Control

Marketing plan evaluation control helps in judging the efficacy of the organization’s attempt to brand itself and consequently attract customers, families, and individuals in need of a hand up. By implementing rigorous Marketing Evaluation and Control plan, the customers are guaranteed maximum benefits. Habitat sets realistic qualitative and quantitative interim and final target for its marketing program. They them constantly measure the actual performance and compare wit with the hoped for outcomes. The first control will be monitoring of customer feedback through surveys and polls. The individual’s whole homes have been constructed by Habitat will be reached through hosting of online polls through the Internet by asking for particular questions to evaluate the marketing plan of the organization. Then it is adjusted in accordance with the research’s results. For instance, removing press advertising in case the results indicate the marketing campaign is ineffective.

Secondly, Habitat will build a control method referred to as review system into its marketing plan. The marketing plan provides guidance before and during the plan’s implementation. It should have checklists to evaluate the plan’s progress as well as methods used to adjust it thereby accommodating setbacks that cannot be seen in the budget or schedule. The built-in review system will aid in preventing the marketing plan as well as its implementation from flowing very far away from the strategic goals. Finally, a marketing budget will be used as marketing plan evaluation and control. It provides a balance between the advertising costs and the revenue generated by the marketing plan. For instance, TV advertising expense will be used in monitoring marketing budget. This will be done by closely monitoring such costs to maximize efficiency, quality, and profitability and minimize spending. Examining expenses helps in maintaining the budget and seeing exactly where increases in spending come from thereby being able to evaluate and control marketing plan.



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