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Nowadays, the society is developing more and more, the demand for clean and cheap energy increases a lot. Wind energy is this kind of energy which is used widely even in rural area. According to the scientist, Nathan F. Jones, “Wind energy is now the world’s fastest growing source of electricity” (1). It offers a way for people to create electricity by using nature resource. It is also start to take place of the fossil fuels since it is cheaper and cleaner. Wind energy is kinetic energy which generated by air flow. It is the energy that transform by solar energy. The wind is produced by the temperature changes and different water vapor in the air which causes different pressure flow. The high pressure air flow into the low pressure area and cause the wind. People then build wind turbines to transform the wind into electronic power.

According to John K. Kaldellis and D. Zafirakis, wind energy was used to move boats through the Nile River back to 5,000 B.C. In addition, the exploration of the world by missionaries and traders from both the Eastern and the Western regions of the world was dependent on the propelling powers of the wind energy on ships and boats. Wind has been in use as a source of renewable energy in America since the beginning of the 20th century. It was officially introduced and accepted to The United States during late 1900s. They say that, “the most important milestones of the wind energy history coincide with the USA government involvement in the wind energy research and development (R&D) after the oil crisis of 1973”(Kaldellis&Zafirakis 1887). One major limitation of wind energy is the unavailability of free high grounds where the wind speed and strength is adequate for such a harness. However, most areas in America have been identified as potential points of harness and such projects are being considered.

Geothermal energyis another kind of renewable energy. It was first discovered in 1904 by an Italian scientist known as PieroGinori Conti. In the United States, the first geothermal plant was made in 1922 and had a capacity of producing approximately 250 kilowatts. This plant however didn’t last for long due to technical glitches and had to be shut down. Later in 1946 another geothermal pump was installed in Portland Oregon to harness geothermal energy. It is important to note that geothermal power currently contributes to approximately 1% of the global energy production. By the year of 2050, it is expected to increase exponentially by approximately 10% to 20%. This provides an indication of the growing demand of geothermal heat energy. Additionally, there are over 20 countries in the world that have installed geothermal systems and most of these countries have active volcanic activities and experience earthquakes (Hepbasli, A, &Akdemir, O).

With the current trends in climate change around the world, and the population increase, the commonly used hydro-energy harnessed from flowing water is becoming inadequate to cover all the domestic and industrial use. As a result, many areas especially in the developing countries are harnessing energy from underground in the form of geothermal energy. Research indicates that geothermal energy is more sustainable and dependable than hydro-energy. Further, it is also thought to be clean and safer than other sources such as fuel energy. Energy experts have also indicated that if at least 20% of energy consumed in the world is obtained from geothermal activities, the energy cost is likely to be reduced by over 35%.

There are very many myths and misunderstandings that surround the use of geothermal energy. One of the biggest misconception is that one requires a lot of land space to install a geothermal system. But this is not the case as geothermal systems can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The most efficient way is through installing a vertical ground loop (Choudhury 42). Another misconception is that geothermal systems only generates heat. However, this is not the case as it can provide cooling and heating through the help of a heat pump. It is the ground heat source which also refers as geothermal a renewable source of energy. These concepts make geothermal energy one of the most efficient and sustainable sources of energy in the world. Although the installation cost is high, the maintenance cost is low and this makes it a viable project for developing countries and even the developed countries. For America, the cost of installation is rather insignificant owing to the increasing energy demand.

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