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Title: Hawaiian History, the Polynesians

Thesis Statement: The available historical narrations and readings describe Hawaii as an island that was discovered, created and moulded by the Polynesians.

  1. Introduction
    1. Background information
      1. The Hawaii as is known today.
      2. Historical perspective of Hawaii discovery.
  • Discovery of Hawaii and the Polynesians
  1. Thesis
  2. Major Topics to Discuss
    1. The Polynesian Islands
    2. Movement of Polynesians and the History of Hawaii
  • The Inhabitation of Hawaii
  1. Growth and development of Hawaii through history
  1. The Polynesian Islands
    1. Discovery of the islands and their inhabitants.
      1. Activities of seafarers from Samoa and Cook islands
    2. Movement of Polynesians and the History of Hawaii
      1. Polynesians as great voyagers and explorers
  • The Inhabitation of Hawaii
    1. Ancient Hawaiians 300 A.D to 800 A.D
      1. Settlement of the Polynesians
      2. Early religion and Government
    2. Ancient Hawaiians and their Culture
      1. The Lapita Culture and its development
      2. Clothing, adornment and foods
    3. The Europeans and Russians 1800s
      1. Owning and privatisation of Land by foreigners
        1. increased sugar farming and trade
        2. Importation of labourers from China and Africa
      2. The Revolution of 1893
        1. The fall of the last monarch and annexation of Hawaii by USA
        2. The territory of Hawaii 1900-1950
      3. The Statehood of Hawaii
        1. Statehood majority vote 1950
          1. Background information of the voting
          2. The future of State
        2. Hawaii Today
          1. Representation and Culture
            1. Tourism and cultural heritage
          2. Politics and Technology
            1. The people of Hawaii, diversity and heritage
  • Conclusion
  • Summarize Major Topics
  1. Re-state the thesis
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