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I have always been fascinated by machines, engines and everything that concerns electricity. I have had my share of incidences and events involving electrical appliances and machines. This interest was then augmented by the closeness I had, with the local electrician with whom I conducted several repairs and maintenance services. With such a background, I have always felt that I have a strong passion for electronics and electrical related field. I, therefore, desired to pursue a related field at the University long before I joined high school.

I joined the STEM club in high school where we were able to make an exoskeleton with external motors and torque. How the electrical systems in the exoskeleton caused interaction and synchronization of the signals enhanced my understanding of the concepts related to electrical engineering and further confirmed my desire to advance this knowledge to higher levels. In particular, I am fascinated by the human-brain interaction in the electric engineering department that achieves the direct control of outside gadgets based on human’s neural signal. By pursuing advanced EE in USC, I plan to explore and pioneer the still immature field of direct human-machine interaction.

The advancement of technology and the complex algorithm may be required for both graphical and sound recognition even with the machine to enhancing accuracy has become a major challenge in most industries. I will consider taking CS as a second choice to electrical engineering and pursue it as a necessary element for the later pursuance of my first choice if given a chance.

If I am offered a chance at the university, I will strive to achieve my dreams and passions. I believe in the struggle to acquire opportunities that give me a chance to do what I like. I, therefore, hope that I will be considered for any of the two courses at the University.

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