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Hudson Kayak Adventures was established less than five years ago by a couple who were already in previous businesses as employees. The drive to become kayakers arose from the need to achieve business and economic stability especially with the loss of the job of one of them. However, the emergence of the business was also fuelled by a long-standing interest in ecotourism especially about Kayaks and the closeness of the founders to the Hudson River where kayaks are common(Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010).

Hudson Kayak Adventures is a renowned company that deals with rentals, tours, and guided lessons. It is a premier kayak rental firm that operates in the Hudson River region. Having been in the business for a long time, HKA is believed to be one of the most experienced and reputable firms in ecotourism. With the three business segments, the firm has tried to engage in three different business strategies to ensure that there is the specific focus in each of the three segments and to ensure that customers are offered the best service at their level of need and want. In the company, a major drawback has always been the uptake of technology(Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010). At the moment, reservations are entered in a loose-leaf binder. This binder is used for all the segments of the business, and the only separation is tabs. Although the company also uses a Microsoft Access database to record reservations, they are only used when there are time and space for that. The available database is adequate to hold all the basic information. However, consistency in the recording is a major drawback.

Through a shared experience and expertise, John and Eddie were able to establish the company in a background of a growing ecotourism industry. To make their position recognized, they advertised their company in regional magazines and newspapers. In addition, the company has a well-maintained website that was designed by Eddie. The website has been reported to be attractive and informative although the real implication of this to the business profitability is not clear. In the three business segments, the couple operates without any employee from outside. This is because, besides the large area of operation, they still do not have so many customers as to necessitate another employee save for a college student who helps with the telephone on weekends and holidays(Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010).

The inventories and the records of the company are poorly kept with manual and simple computer databases that are incomplete and sometimes incomprehensible. The manual inventories, ledgers and reservation records are the most important threat to the company’s progress. More critical database is necessary to prevent losses and to allow the company acquire and create access to information on rental patterns, customer profiles and the situational analysis.

The Business Profile

Business Name:           Hudson Kayak Adventures

Major Activities:         Kayak renting, Instructions and tour-guiding along Hudson River

Organisation:   John – Tour guiding, gives ecotourism lessons

Eddie – Runs the office and manage the website. Also handles reservations and rentals.

Janet Jacobs: A part-time employee. Handles telephone and also helps in reservations and inquiries.

Resources: An advertisement plan and business strategy. Business website.

Customers: Kayak rentals, tourists, learners. Most make advance reservation through phone calls.

Opportunities for Business: The company has a large area of market and can utilise this to expand. Online advertisement will assist in providing information to customers before reservation.

Main Functions of Hudson Kayak Adventures

The three main business of HKA are; Kayak renting, ecotourism instructions, and tour-guiding.

The possible business model;




Informational Systems

The company currently use a simple informational system that cater for the reception of funds from customers, and make record of the transactions with the customers(Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010). This system is averagely effective at the moment but further expansion will require improvement of the system. This is because the current drawbacks of the system may be the major undoing of the business if the business was to expand.

Object-Oriented Perspective

A business activity for the company is considered as an object, belonging to a particular class of objects with specific characteristics. Reservation is considered a class with several objects that have similar or related characteristics. These characteristics include customer name, customer number or entry, date, time and type of reservation and also the type of business activity or segment that the reservation relates to(Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010).



Although Hudson Kayak Adventures appears to be doing well in business at the moment, there are systems and processes that the company requires to make serious changes in the record keeping and the informational systems, although relatively effective at this level, may not be adequate with progress and improvement of business (Shelly & Rosenblatt, 2010). An upgrade is therefore necessary as the company seek to get better with time.

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