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Equal Multicultural Society Purified of Racial Domination

A society purified of racial domination in a multicultural society would be that whose people see no color. Every person would receive equal treatment in all aspects of life, despite their racial identification. The main aspects of equality would be education, wealth, job markets, upward mobility, and the war on drugs.

In the school environment, multicultural students would be enrolled in the same schools from pre-school, enabling them to access the same quality of education. In their learning, cultural practices should be incorporated to enable them understand each other, and adopt each other’s practices. Also, the society’s wealth should be evenly distributed among people of all cultures. This would prevent one culture from feeling superior to the others. The entire society would thus be in a position to attain high living standards without the invisible glass ceiling.  The job market would also provide equal opportunities to all people. Many are the time’s white people access the high-ranked jobs with high salaries, leaving the people of color to scramble for the low paying jobs. A society purified of racial domination would ensure that people acquire jobs as a result of academic qualification, and not the color of their skins.

Under upward mobility, a society purified of racial domination should have equal opportunities for economic development for all persons. So long as one puts the right amount of effort towards economic development, their efforts should bear fruit despite their skin color. Lastly, the war on drugs has seen more of the black people imprisoned, even though they practice illegal drug sale at the same rate as whites. A society purified of racial discrimination should ensure equal treatment for all criminal charges and activities.

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