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Thesis: Comparison of Speeches

In February 2016, America experienced one of the worst incidences of the mass shooting in history. Many people lost their lives after an armed criminal attacked them in a gay-oriented club in Orlando. As expected, several leaders made their speeches concerning the attack. This thesis will compare and contrast the contents of the speeches from President Barack Obama and Presidential Aspirant from the Republican Donald Trump. The thesis of this paper is that President Obama’s speech has more effective rhetoric based on his use of politically acceptable and admissible word choice which makes the speech better accommodated in the general population as compared to Trump’s statements which are can in some premises be considered discriminative.

First, President Obama speaks to the whole nation regardless of the political, sexual, religious or even gender orientations. His speech is aimed at condemning the act as it is and not based on a desire to influence thoughts or decisions. Using the debate against anti-LGBTQ hate, he condemns discrimination and abuse of the freedom of choice (Lopez). Trump, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to campaign for his aspiration to lead the country. He does not condemn the action itself but uses the incident to attack the government and its machinery.

Whereas Obama uses the opportunity to encourage tolerance and non-discriminative activities, Trump uses the opportunity to reiterate his proposed discrimination of people based on their religion or race. Trump, sees the attack as a terrorist activity and uses it to condemn the indiscriminative immigration (Beckwith). This implies that the two focuses their rhetoric on the target audience. For the president, the audience is the whole nation regardless of their special characteristics or political ideologies. This makes him use more effective words to his audience. For Trump, on the other hand, his motive is to move his supporters to agree to his point of view and hence his choice of words is to that direction.

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