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Body Language and Lying

Identifying a liar from their body language is based on a very clear understanding of the body language and the changes expected in different emotional expressions.

The video in the link below shows a conversation in which body language can be used to identify the lie.

Video link:

Play Detective

  • From the video, there are several instances when the speaker tells a lie and her body language communicates this.
  • First, when she mentions her first encounter with her husband, she starts to use her fingers more vigorously and avoids eye-contact.
  • Secondly, when she is told to explain her engagement, she is not consistent in her explanation and shows a change of face when she also realize the inconsistency.
  • Thirdly, she tries to cover her other lies with a lie regarding her trust issues and appears to have expressions that are un-matching. She talks of having trust issues yet she smiles broadly.
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