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Target Market

The target market of the Oreo advertisements is mostly children and teenagers. For instance, at the beginning, the advert features a child who hides in her bedroom after bedtime, eating her Oreo cookie. The aspect gives children the illusion that if they had Oreo, their parents would allow them to stay up after their bedtime. This makes children attracted to the cookie. The use of playful teenagers also attracts teenagers to the happiness illusion, since the advert features young boys and girls playing happily.

Communication Objectives

The communication objectives of the advert are discussed below. One, the articles explain the manner in which company achieved popularity in social media, increasing brand awareness to the global market. It has pages in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, allowing exposure of the product to the world. Secondly, in these sites, many viewers are able to talk to one another and communicate to the company. The company is thus able to reach its potential audience as well as adhere to public demand (Nudd, 2016). They are able to know the interests of the customers. When customer needs are taken care of, customers are able to stay loyal, enabling the growth of the company. Thirdly, the use of a song in the advert attracts the attention of children, who tend to sing to it. Their attraction towards the song attracts them to liking the content of the advert. Lastly, the use of images has also served its purpose. The use of cookies, a young child and playful teenagers created visual interest in the advert, creating interest in the cookie market among children and teenagers, who are the major target market.

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