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Abolishing High School Robert Epstein is a renowned psychologist and educator who has vast experience in dealing with the young adults and adolescents in the modern American society. Having been brought up in the same society and undergone the same system of education as is present today, although, with some small changes and improvement, Epstein understands the minds of the young people better than most writers. In his articles, ‘Lets Abolish High School’, Epstein argues that high school does more harm than good to the children and prevents them from being adequately innovative and competent in life. This paper explores the article in depth with the aim of elucidating the different styles of learning and acquisition of intelligence and how he challenges the mainstream education systems. The main purpose of this essay is to critically evaluate the argument that the author uses in the essay to find out if the arguments are convincing enough. First, the author uses an example of his family and his children. From the article, Epstein explains that his son, who is 15 years old, has enough traits demonstrating his ability to manage issues and time like any adult would be expected to be. “…he balanced work and play…. Seemed quite ready to live on his own.” This implies that the author believes that the ability of the son to balance issues in life and work and also to manage own responsibilities, meant that even when left on his own, he was able to live like any other adult would be expected to. A second argument that the author uses, which he bases on research, is the observation that throughout history, learning was a continuous process that did not have specific ages and places. He uses research to demonstrate that almost all cultures around the world allowed their young men and women to work alongside the experienced adults. This way, the young members of the community learned important skills, at their pace and also contributed to the success and economic development of their communities. While comparing this to the modern systems of education, the young people are adversely restricted from so many things that the restrictions are more than those in the “…marines and twice as many restrictions as are incarcerated felons.” This statement means that although inherently the adolescents are supposed to contribute to the benefits and development of their societies, they are not given that opportunity. The high school life takes up most of their innovative years, and the infantilizing attitude of the rest of the 2 society makes them worse citizens as they exit into the real life. The third argument that the author uses to support the abolishment of the high school education system is that the education does not seem to help the adolescents. From his elaborations, the advent of the programed education system was to ensure that those young members of the society who lacked the necessary life skills and competencies acquired them in a controlled environment. Those who had already demonstrated these competencies did not need to go to school. However, this has through the years been turned into what the author calls mass education in which information is literary passed to the adolescents with very little regard to what they already know or their interest. The results of this system are that educators keep on putting unnecessary efforts and due to lack or loss of interest, the learners end up hating school with others dropping out of high school. The arguments raised by the author ca be viewed from various perspectives. First, it is convincing that the restrictions that the education system in the country puts on the adolescents are too much to allow any innovative ideas. Since the young adults and adolescents are at an age that they can think beyond the pressures of life, they are more capable or innovations than are the older adults. This makes them an important resource to the society and hence the restrictions need to be reduced. Secondly, the education system needs to be changed to be friendlier to the students at different ages. This means that more personalized systems and disciplined freedoms must be allowed to make the most out of the young minds. However, abolishing high school in the country is a rather wrong move. This is because the times when learning was achieved when children worked alongside the adults are long gone. Nowadays, the parents have very little contact and interaction with their children and hence the times to teach them are missing. Institutionalizing the students with the adequate freedom and discipline is, therefore, the best solution.

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