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November 22, 2016

Dear Customer:

We are certain that you would prefer to have a Bar and Restaurant offering delicious, affordable meals near you. We present to you BurgerBarn Bar and Restaurant which is a preferred choice for many students in WMU campus. Our bar and restaurant is located near the WMU campus making it accessible to all students twenty-four hours a day. As such, you can have your meals irrespective of the time of the day. We understand that you have a busy schedule and that is why we remain flexible so that you can have your meals whenever you want.

At BurgerBarn, we believe that each person should take what he or she enjoys. As a result, we have a delicious menu from which one can choose his or her meals. Besides our full range of breakfast includes cappuccino, western ground coffee, hot chocolate among others. There is an equally tasty menu for other meals. Also available at BurgerBarn are chili, nachos, pizza, snack foods, candy, and a variety of sandwiches, fruits, and salads. We can take care of your cravings at any time of the day, whether between a meal snack or a complete meal. Our bar section is fully stocked with all kinds of wines and beers to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at any given time.

At BurgerBurn, we give you value for your money. Our prices are affordable to make sure that you get the best meals at the lowest cost possible. We would like to assure you that you will be able to save when you buy from our Bar and Restaurant and the meals are just of high quality. Besides, there are special offers during breakfast, which is a reason why you should visit BurgerBarn Bar and Restaurant. Today, when you feel the need to take something, pass by our premises and explore our menu for the delicious meals. We are open for business every day, and we close at 10 1 in the evening.

We are hopeful for your satisfaction.

Thank you and Regards,

Matt Spring (Marketing Manager)

BurgerBarn Bar and Restaurant

W Michigan Ave

Kalamazoo, MI


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