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Peanut Corporation of America

The conduct of a company is limited, and the mistakes of any company should be dealt as wrongdoings and ethical misconducts rather than criminal acts. However, there are instances where there is a culpable person within the company who ought to bear the criminal responsibility. The economic crimes that lead to the loss of property of a company or the mistreatment of workers are dealt with as crimes committed by the company or individuals, and their conviction is based on the impact that their actions have on other people.

In the case of the conviction of the CEO, broker and quality control manager of Peanut Corporation of America, I believe that the court had demonstrated that the three had criminal responsibilities in the deaths and illnesses experienced. Their prior knowledge of the tainted peanuts before sale and distribution means that they were guilty of criminal activities related to the ill-health and the deaths. The liquidation of the company, in my opinion, serves to make up for the economic crimes that the company committed as a collective organ. However, this does not cover for the criminal acts of the individuals behind the economic crimes.

Although the crimes may appear to be largely economic, the impact is criminal and thus there is a shift of concern. The deaths and illnesses that resulted are related directly to the failures and hence the mistakes are no longer economic but criminal. I, therefore, support the conviction and sentencing of the three officers not for the failures of the company but for individual responsibility and the part played in the deaths and illnesses that resulted from their failures in the company.

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