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The Good and Bad Social Media

Social media has literary taken over the lives of many people around to world today. The sharing of content and material through the platform that the media provides is the in-thing today. However, the material shared can have both positive and negative impacts on the lives of people (Cross, 2014). This paper will explore the good and the bad social media in relation to the presentation of material. The paper will do this through the critique of various materials collected from various social media in use today.

One major strength of social media is the ability to connect people and enhance the globalization of ideas, visions and missions. This makes it easy for the realization of global development goals in a variety of disciplines including education, health and even governance. In addition, the social media have on several occasions been used to condemn inhumane acts and even lead to arrest of criminals. However, the media are also weak in that they are not as secure as they seem. The type of content and data that may be posted in these sites is not easily controlled (Wollan, 2010). From the collected materials on good social media, it is clear that social media has promoted the ability of the public to participate in security and safety matters(Dwivedi et al., 2016). There are sites that are dedicated chiefly to report and follow-up crime cases and health alerts. The material posted in these site is structured in such a way that the audience understands the motive of the author and also give space for their contribution and input. The information further assist the government agencies to follow-up suspects, formulate policies and even issue guidelines for the security and safety of the people. The sites collected can be improved through providing direct links to the responsible government arms for reporting and legal action.

There are however other sites whose content is not appropriate for the audience targeted. Different from the mainstream media where the government can control the shows being aired and their timing, social media is not easily controlled (Dwivedi et al., 2016). People of all ages can access all sort of content include vulgar, illicit and even barbaric content that have negative effects on behaviors. This access is around the clock and no restrictions have been able to control this access. This makes social media rather risky for the behavioral development of children and teenagers around the world. The presentation of the bad material is such that it appeals to the target audience and yet affect their behavior. The sites collected did not have age warnings and restrictions and this is one major improvement that should be made.

Personally, I use the social media to interact and communicate with family and friends. As we interact, constructive information such as availability of job opportunities is shared across the platform and this assist me in my job search. This means therefore, that when social media is used to pass constructive information, its use is appropriate. When, however, the same platform is used to share morally destructive and inciting messages, the use is inappropriate. The appropriateness of the content shared in the social media depends on the effect that the content has on the user either physically or emotionally. When the effect is positive, the content is appropriate. However, when the content is negative, the content is inappropriate.

Sometimes, the social media platform requires that one discloses too much information about themselves. This impacts on the privacy of the user. In addition, lack of adequate security protocols means that private information may be accessed by a second and third party and hence one is exposed.

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