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The Purpose of the Study

  • To make a comprehensive analysis of how change management impacts on the employee behavior.

Background of the Company

  • The company is US-based, in the hospitality industry and with over 500 staff members.
  • Has operations in other countries around the world.
  • Main focus has been to provide quality and build a loyal customer base.
  • A functional organization structure is followed.
  • Methodology
    • This is a qualitative research. Research tool: interviews
    • Participants: employees in different functional units of the company.
    • Procedure: structured interviews were conducted on each of the two groups of participants.
    • Data analysis and presentation: the responses were analyzed and aligned to the research questions and theories.
    • Tabulation assisted in the analysis and presentation of the data.
    • The Research Findings and Contribution


      • Majority of male participants believe that shift based jobs do not ensure job promotion or increased productivity
      • Female employees believe that work productivity is enhanced through shift based jobs due to extra effort or hard work.


      • A two-way communication plan where employees can disclose their cultural dilemmas should be effected in the organization.
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