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Describe not more than 10 duties (those that involve at least 5% of your time) that are required.  List them starting with the most important and/or most frequently performed first.  Begin each duty statement with an action verb (“operates,” “develops,” “writes,” “computes,” “completes”).  Make your descriptions of work so clear that persons unfamiliar with your work can understand what you do.

  1. Duty 1: Receives, processes, reviews and provides documents and reports to the public; index information into the electronic databases for public access; and archive documents in accordance with the rules of National Archives and National Records Center.
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

Being the main person who is responsible for the financial disclosure, gift rule, and mass mailing reports, this position is responsible for batching, scanning, and indexing these report into OPR’s electronic database for public access.


Batching financial disclosure reports for candidates and staff:

  • I review each page for any discrepancies and remove personal information
  • Count pages of the report and indicate the report type and total page numbers at the bottom left corner of the report. The types of reports I work on are:

a- Annual

b- Amendment

j- Termination

h- Extension

bt- blind trust

T-periodic transaction report

u- Periodic transaction report amendment

I then arrange all the reports to be scanned by separating each report with a batch sheet.  Once batching is complete I scan and index the reports.

During the indexing:

  • I use the Financial Disclosure Indexing application to choose the following information for each report:
  1. Date received – use date stamp
  2. Report code- (a- main report/annual report, b- amendment, j- termination, h- extension, bt- blind trust)
  3. Year – (year received)
  4. Category code- agency for which the filer works
  5. Name and ID#
  6. Click on Add button

As I finish indexing each report, the code changes from I (for index) to V (for verify). Then I ask my colleagues to verify my indexing.  After the verification process, I print the reports to Ethics (all reports are sent to Ethics not later than 7 calendar days of receipt) and mail copies of staffs’ and candidates’ reports to their respective states.


Disposition:  Staff reports are always destroyed 6 years from receipt in January; however, I assist with the archiving of the staff reports. In the case of unsuccessful delivery, our candidates’ reports are destroyed after 1 year upon which I assist with determining which candidate reports need to be destroyed, and then assist with the destruction process.


Batching and indexing gift rule reports:

  • I review each report and eradicate personal information and then I arrange all reports to be scanned by separating each report with a batch sheet. Once batching is complete, I scan and index the reports.
  • I then use the Gift Rule Indexing application to choose the following information for each report:
  1. Date received – use date stamp
  2. Name –the filer’s last name.
  3. Office – enter the last name of the staff for whom the filer works
  4. Year – indicate current year
  5. Travel dates
  6. Report code –staff or a staff
  • After having processed the travel forms, I print the documents to Ethics

Disposition: I maintain gift rules in office

  1. Duty 2: Processes mass mailing reports
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

Before each deadline, I prepare the following memos and send them via email to Sapnaand Liz l for the Secretary’s approval and signature:

  • Memo to Secretary for the Mass Mailings: This is Elizabeth/my cover memo with instructions to the Secretary. This memo notes that the following documents are attached.
  • Mass Mailing Memo to Members: This is the memo that is distributed to all Staffs. The Secretary initials the memo (printed on letterhead) and Rachel returns it to me for distribution to Staffs. I then copy the memo and have our intern hand-deliver it to all members’ offices.
  • Mass Mailing Memo to Congressional Record and Mass Mail Notification to Congressional Record: This memo, along with the notice for the Congressional Record, is sent to Patrick.



  1. I prepare forms for scanning by putting a bar code sheet in between each form and scan the reports
  2. After I scan the documents, I use the Mass Mailing Indexing application to select the following information for each report:
  • Date received –use date stamp
  • Name – enter the staff’s last name or add the name if it is a new staff
  • Year –indicate current year
  • Report code – for instance, negative report mean the staff did not have any mailings during the quarter; and if there is a number in the space it means a mailing was sent during the quarter, and it is a report.

Availability:  After they have been indexed, mass mailing reports are viewable via our in-house terminals.


Disposition:  We maintain paper in our office for 1 year but transfer the rest to WNRC

  1. Duty 3: Advises the public, press, and our staff regarding filing obligations, nature of disclosures, and availability of all documents on file with the Public Records office.


  1. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

Majority of the phone calls I handle is related to the Lobby Disclosure Act and the following are the frequently asked questions that I answer:

  • What filing obligations do I have as a registrant or as lobbyist?
  • How do I register my firm?

I also manage the lobby email account, which was previously handled by an information specialist, where I answer similar questions, in addition to other requests. The common requests I receive via email are the User ID Request Forms for registrants, lobbyist and registrant password requests, and several of other requests.

I also respond to emails, phone and in-person inquiries regarding filing obligations of staffs, candidates, our staff, registrants, and lobbyists; filing deadlines; the types of reports that are submitted to OPR; as well as the report availability and our destruction policies before and after the Stock Act was passed.


  1. Duty 4: Assists the public, press and our staff with retrieving information from databases with limited guidance or supervision.
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

I assist visitors (public, press, and our staff) with searching and obtaining of records from our databases and advise them on where they may go to locate older records that are not available in our database. For example, if a researcher is trying to obtain lobbying records prior to 1996, then I would suggest to them to contact the National Archives and Record Center.

I also guide the press, public, and our staff over the phone on how to retrieve the records from our website.

  1. Duty 5: Assists with the process of batching, scanning, and indexing campaign and foreign travel reports.
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

I serve as a key backup for campaign report processing; particularly during FILING deadlines, I batch and index campaign reports using the Campaign Indexing application by choosing the candidate’s name, report type, and date received. I also verify campaign reports to ensure they have been properly indexed. I also batch, scan, and index foreign travel reports in the absence of the Information specialist.


  1. Duty 6: Provides intern training and cross-training of OPR staff
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

I provide interns with an overview of what we do and the types of report we receive, show them how to perform front desk duties and how to batch and file reports. I also ensure they file all reports in a timely manner.

I cross-train OPR staff on how to batch, scan, and index financial disclosure, gift rule, and mass mailing reports. I also provide cash-box reconciliation procedure training when-needed.


  1. Duty 7: Conducts non-compliance research list for lobby
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

I use our Lobby Fix application and our online databases to research and identify non-filers as well as determine if they should receive a non-filer letter and remove those filers who have properly filed a report from the list.


  1. Duty 8: Updates and maintains instruction manuals for all areas of responsibilities
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

I update and maintain OPR manuals and instruction materials in all areas of responsibilities. The manuals play a vital role in cross-training refreshers and for training interns.


  1. Duty 9: Maintains quality control checklist
  2. Function, activity, or procedure supported by this duty:

For the quality control team, I play a supporting role as I assist in developing and implementing quality control measures and updating manual when necessary. Every week, I am responsible for ensuring that financial disclosure and gift rule reports have been transferred successfully to our databases and are viewable.


  1. Guidelines: What are the key rules, regulations, laws, policies, procedures, guidelines available to you in performing your work?  What instructions do you receive for guidance?

I am always instructed to refer to certain guidelines and laws when performing my duties


  1. Review of work: How is your work reviewed?  What is the purpose of the reviews, i.e., accuracy, completeness, adherence to policies, procedures, schedules, etc.

One of my colleagues verifies my indexing for financial disclosure reports. Additionally, the public, media, and our staff have to review my work since if I give misinformation or do not properly index information into our databases, and then they will bring to my supervisor’s attention.

In general, I demonstrate my responsibility by ensuring the completion of assignments in a timely and effective manner, as initially prescribed. I require little or no direction in performing my day-to-day responsibilities. I seldom make any errors and have a strong attention to details. I also make an effort to confirm the accuracy of all my work.


  1. Internal and external contacts: Describe your contacts with people in departments other than your own, with outside organizations, and with the general public.

I have been establishing and maintaining effective working relationship with people outside my departments and this has proven my ability to collaborate with the outside partners and the general public. I work very closely with our Ethics Committee as majority of reports I process are sent to the Ethics Committee for further review. I also work with the committee staff to verify documents that are in OPR’s database.

I also collaborate with our partners to resolve issues such as lobbyist or registrant account issues as they manage those accounts. . For example, if a lobbyist is not able to obtain a password or log into their account or having a difficult time doing an “employer transfer” from their account, I will contact our partners to resolve the issue.

My duties also require me to work closely with the SAA programmers to resolve glitches in the programs and initiate new features that will make our process more smoothly.

In addition, I work with the public, press, and our staff on a daily basis as I confidently advise them on filing obligations, nature of disclosures, and availability of all documents on file with the Records Office. I particularly work with the reporters over the phone and in-person during FILING deadlines to confirm reports we have as well as the ones we have received and also assist them in obtaining those reports.






14.  Problem solving:  Give an example of the most difficult problems that typically arise during the course of your work and your role in resolving them.


One of the most difficult problems typically arise during the course of my work are technical problems that registrants experience when filing their lobbying report. For example, I had received a call from a filer who had entered the wrong contribution amount in her 2015 LD-203 year-end report and was not able to delete it. Thus, I logged into our account to see if I was able to delete the contribution and was not successful.  However, eventually I discovered by trying different options that the proper way to delete the amount was to highlight the amount and hitting the spacebar on the keyboard. As my colleagues were not aware of this solution, I sent an email informing them; I also asked my supervisor to inform our partners, so they are cognizant of this solution.




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