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Application to Behavior (Stevenson)

Stevenson is a young comedian

Mother observed that he would talk like a grown-up

She said that Stevenson was funny jovial.

Every time he talked, his mother would be all smiles

He grew up believing that he could move people

He developed the comedic perspective

Looking Glass Self

Perspective of self is affected by the society.

The self is said to grow from social interactions.

View ourselves is dependent on how other people perceive us.

It depends on what we believe other people think of us.

There is always the real and imagined self.

The real self is always masked by the imagined self

Relating to Stevenson

Stevenson’s perspective of comedy was developed by the mother.

She always saw him as a funny boy.

He started viewed himself as such.

Later, the society also labelled him a comedian. His self-image is based on what people think of him.

Today, even his reasoning is based on the society character;

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