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Relating To the Story of David

Life always has instances of when one have a moment of recollection and repentance. As is described in Christianity and theology all humanity has sinned and hence fallen short of the grace of God. What this means is that every time, we must be prepared to come back to God in repentance and seek His forgiveness(Choi, 2000). This essay will attempt to explore the relationship between my life as a Christian and that of David from the Old Testament. The paper will show how my experience can directly relate to the life of repentance that is exhibited by David.

In the Old Testament, David is portrayed as a repentant person. In a particular incidence, David committed murder. He planned for the killing of Uriah so that he could take his wife for himself. This means that besides killing, David also committed a sin under sexual immorality (2 Samuel 11, NIV). Despite his being King, he lusted for a woman of one of his loyal soldiers and even killed hi, however, on realizing his mistakes, David was repentant and even fasted to seek forgiveness from God (2Samuel 12:13, NIV).

From the second book of Samuel, we see David being increasingly involved in worship and praises of God. He even wrote the Psalms which as Christians we use in praises and worship sessions. In one of the passages, David wrote a chapter on repentance (Psalms 51, NIV). He declares that he has sinned before God and he knows very well his sins and mistakes. He, however, begs God not to cast him away from His presence but rather to give him his deserved penance and that he can be washed to be clean again.

In my life, I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember. However, like David, there are instances that I have found my weakness as a human being rising above my strengths as a devoted Christian. In several occasions, I have found myself sinning against God and my fellow Christians and even my family. However, I always believe in the power and mercy of God and His willingness to forgive and make me good again. In the realization that God is merciful, I have never ceased to praise and glorify Him all my life.

From this experience, I have always related my story to that of David. From the perspective of God’s forgiveness, Christianity makes us believe that God can forgive unconditionally and forget one’s mistakes. The only necessary thing for forgiveness is to have faith in God and his power to forgive and make someone pure. In addition, God expects that we should keep off sinful situations (Choi, 2000).

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