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After seeing these subliminal messages above, give 2 examples of subliminal messages that somehow had impacted you as a consumer without even being aware of it?

A subliminal message refers to a message or signal that is designed to pass below the normal limits of perception. Such a message may be inaudible to the conscious mind, however; it might be audible to the deeper or unconscious mind. There are subliminal messages that have somehow impacted me as a consumer without even being aware of it; however, I am going to present only two examples in this paper.

The first one is the white space between the E and the X of the FedEx Express that forms a perfect arrow which suggests that the company is moving forward and looking ahead. It gives a sense of speed and a subliminal thought that when I give it to FedEx, it is going to go really fast. Although I have never noticed the arrow, I have opted to use FedEx because of their time-definite shipping services. The company delivers parts first thing the next morning overseas due to their express services for the consumers. The second subliminal messages that have somehow impacted me as a consumer without even being aware of it is Wendy’s logo that has an M in blue and O in the necklace and M in blue again which reads MOM. When a person sees MOM, they think it is mom’s own cooking and feel warm and fuzzy when they think of Wendy’s. I have unknowingly liked Wendy’s the most because of their very delicious square burns which remind me of my mom’s cooking.

What are your personal feelings towards the ethics and the control that we seemingly lack?

The lack of ethics and control often leads to unethical buying persuasion where the consumers are taken advantage of. Although subliminal messages are legal, businesses should make consumers aware of the messages they perceive for them to make informed decisions regarding what to buy. Individual need to begin looking for the hidden messages so as to know their meanings so as to be aware of the fact that other people have some control over others that they do not even know about. This will help the consumers to make purchasing decisions due to the consciously hidden messages. It is somehow unethical to tap into the consumer’s unconscious perception of things using hidden messages that kind of evoke them to think about things without actually knowing it as consumers should have control of what they buy.

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