Overview: It is essential for a business professional to develop spreadsheet software skills for analyzing a variety of business situations using quantitative means. This project takes a hands-on approach by placing you in a real-world context. You will utilize technical concepts to interpret a business framework and apply selected quantitative techniques to arrive at accurate information that can be used for sound decision-making.

Specifically, you will assume the role of a business analyst working for a winery in northern California. In this milestone, you are provided a set of raw data, and from that data set, you must respond to questions from management. You will calculate and present your answers in a consumable way using spreadsheet software.

Prompt: To complete this assignment, review the questions below and examine the Final Project Excel Functions spreadsheet. Then, select a function that you believe will help you to answer the following questions.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. For white and organic wine, what were the measures of central tendency based on the sales figures?
  2. What would the total profit for each type of wine be given the following production costs for the wine: white wine is 17% of total sales, red wine is 12%, and organic wine is 21%?
  3. Deduct the sales commission. Draft and present the answers graphically.
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