Tolerance of Poverty Analysis

Marian Wright explains in the article ‘Tolerance of poverty’ that, although considered to be a super power country, the UNICEF report indicates that 23% of children in US are living in poverty. This is quite shameful given the fact that U.S. is among the richest countries in the world. The main characters in this article include Lucille Lynch and her 4 children: Elijah, Daisha, Timeeka, Sarafina. This is one of the families that lives slightly over half of the national poverty level. According to the report, the only income for the family is $1200 every month from social security incapacity for Lucile who suffers from lung problem and Elijah who has autism as well as other minimal support. This family is an indication of the deep poverty in America. In the year 2010, the report indicates that about 20.5 million people in the USA were living below poverty level. This essay therefore discusses how poverty level has stricken America. The Lucile family is an example of families living below poverty line, without basic needs. This family only relies on support from security funds due the ailment they undergo.

Marian Wright has used emotional technique in this article. There are different words and statements she has used which indicate sympathy to the family. Such statements and words include the following. (1) Suffering from lung condition and autism in one family. (2) Lynches stays in a separated dark room in a risk area. (3) The sadness results of deep poverty which led to late diagnosis of autism. From all those statements, Marian is feeling deeply about the state poverty and is explaining to the audience that there is nothing bad as living in poverty. She is informing the audience that poverty causes individuals to fail to receive right medication, as well as scanning of various diseases. In deed the audience can really feel how it’s sad to live in poverty life. It is one of the conditions that leave people in a devastated and isolated state. For example staying in the dark room and risky area

The author has also used credibility technique. Through this tactic, Marian has been able to gain the trust of the audience by providing relevant statistics from different sources to support her points. For example, she stated that in the year 2010 about 20.5 million Americans were living below poverty line. On the same note, the Lucile family only depends of the cash income from social security incapacity. Marian used these evidences to win the trust of the audience by illustrating real life examples. She also wins trust of the audience by explaining how the three girls were treated at various schools. For example Daisha left school because she did not talk to any kid in the school, and their mother opted for online study.

Finally, the author has used reasoning technique. She has presented her information in a way that is reasonable. Just from the beginning, Marian has presented her information in order of significance. In the first paragraph she explained how it is shameful for a country like US live its people to languish in poverty. In the second paragraph she gave an example of the family living in poverty and so on.  At many instances she has used direct quotations. These direct quotations help the audience to reason with the victims hence making the information clear. She has also repeated several times in the article the names of the family to emphasize to the audience the challenges of poverty.


A conclusive review of the article shows how the author reconciles rhetoric techniques with ease of interpretation by the audience. The article gives an insight into the undisclosed poverty that characterizes a section of the US population. Although the US is portrayed and perceived to be well off, the article exhibits the hidden socio-economic inequalities in its society. Application of the rhetoric tools of analysis emphasizes the facts surrounding the poverty that characterize a section of the US population. In essence, the case of the Lucile and Elijah is a reflection of the low quality of life that is part of the so called land of opportunities.


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