Theme of Land in US History

Theme of Land Acquisition in America

The United States of America and its large land mass has not been the same since the beginning. There has been a series of changes beginning with the original boundaries that were marked out during the colonial era (Saxe, 15). This paper explores the theme of land acquisition in the US from the colonial era, through the early republic to the situation it is today. The paper will be guided by the thesis that land acquisition in the US has always been based on the theme of the expansion.

During the colonial era, the British government ruled America in the form of the ‘thirteen colonies’ representing the thirteen original states in America. These colonies had the same political and constitutional structure ad included Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations New Jersey, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia. These colonies worked together to militarize and fight for their independence (Saxe, 22). After independence, these colonies made up the early republic.

In the era of the early Republic, the countries were engaged in a series of meetings in search of territorial expansion that would increase the land mass. One major idea in this time was to convince other colonies from the west and the southern regions to join them. These led to the acquisition of Quebec and the Indian Reserve that they helped gain independence and decided to join as states. However, the theme of further expansion still pushed America to seek a further acquisition (Saxe, 22).

In the reconstruction era, America based its land acquisition theme on expansion through the purchase of territories around its land and convincing others to join the union. Areas Texas, East Florida, Hawaii among others joined the Union as independent states as their colonizers ceased control. Others such as Alaska and most of the Spanish Colonies from the south had to be purchased from the colonial governments (Saxe, 16-27).

From this history, it is clear that from the beginning, America was in need of expansion. The expansion that led to the acquisition of land that we have today came due to this theme. The theme led to the formation of laws, treaties, and commissions to guide through the various forms of acquisition.

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