Is it possible to fulfill the role of prophet, priest, and king as a teacher?

I firmly believe that it is possible to fulfill the role of prophet, priest and king as a teacher. These are spiritual gifts that come as a result of having a firm belief in Jesus Christ as the founder of the Christian faith.  Prophecy is a gift of the Holy Spirit that is defined by the ability to accurately predict events that are to happen in the future in the life of other people or in the society in general. As a teacher, one can appropriately fulfill the role of prophet by being able to identify key potentials in the life of their students. The gift of prophecy can allow teachers to speak positive things in the life of their students and as a result encourage those who are not doing well in their academics but are gifted in other areas. According to Graham (2009), “Teachers were both gifted by God and held responsible to Him (James 3:1).” This means that teachers need to have other positions of spiritual authority such as being priests, prophets and kings that will allow them to effectively carry out the mandate of God. A priest is defined as a person who performs religious rites. A teacher can perform the role of a priest by offering guidance to the students in areas that they may seem to be in dilemma. A priest commands moral authority hence a teacher can fulfill that duty by being the role model that students can emulate. Jesus Christ was king over all humanity as a leader of the largest religion in the world. A teacher can fulfill the role of a king by demonstrating true leadership to the students and offering them direction as well as protecting them from ay form of external negativities (Gutek, 1995). A king should be able to solve disputes arising from their subjects. A teacher can fulfill that role by solving differences that arises among students.



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Joshua Woodard

I agree with you Joshua that teachers have been given many roles so that they can present the image of God to their students. You have quoted Graham (2009) that everything that God wants us to do he must provide us with the ability to do so. Being receptive to God’s call is what is required from us.  You have not fully outlined the role of punishment as a means of instilling discipline in students. That I believe is one of the ways in which a teacher can fulfill the role of a king. However, the form of punishment administered must be reasonable.

Michelle Enman

I think you did well Michelle by linking the fulfillment of the three roles with the life of Jesus Christ who is the perfect example to all believers.  Jesus presented the most transformational approach to leadership which takes into consideration the welfare of all the people and that is what teachers should adopt. You have quoted the definition of a prophet from that of Graham (2009) as a person who is able to identify and interpret the truths from God.  I agree with you that a lot of responsibility has been put on teachers since they play a key role in establishing the future lives of their students.

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