The Bill of Rights

The 14th Amendment is a sensitive part of the US constitution with significant effect on the economy, culture, security and politics. The Amendment is emphatic on protecting and automatic attainment of citizenship status through birth in the US. I believe this amendment is the most important, but has some risks to the US people. In my opinion; the citizenship clause based on birth affects me. It has given legal loophole such that illegal immigrants some with questionable characters to have children in the US and continue their stay under the guise of parental care of the children. The increase in terrorism threat by radical Muslims who come to the US as refugees, asylum seekers and further education has been my concern with regard to 14th Amendment.

I have consistently lived with the fear of some Muslim immigrant children exhibiting radical behavior. Such children are still protected as any other citizen of the US despite portraying actions of terrorist sympathizers. In fact, lately some of the shootings and related terrorist acts have been carried out by American citizens of Muslim immigrants. While not all of such children are radicals, the prospect of defection and adoption of religious radicalism are high. This right has consistently interfered with my trust on my immigrant neighbors from Muslim dominated world. Besides, in fact, some of the children of such parents face religious motivated discrimination and isolation that I feel is equally inhuman.

I believe that the strained relationship I have with such people is not good for business. I have also noted a progressive change in culture where children that acquire citizenship by birth despite their immigrant parents face difficult in coping with the natives. To some extent, in the interest of the US, 14th Amendment needs further scrutiny and if possible congressional review.

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