Testimony to a legislative committee



Organization: American Organization of Nurse   Executives (AONE)

Organization Brief

American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) was founded in on 1967.

The major aim of its founding was to ensure the success of professional improvement through several activities;

  • Training professional nurses to improve healthcare practices
  • Introduction cont..
    • Championing for professional development
    • Lobbying for a greater focus on patient safety and advantage.
    • Training executives and leaders to be proactive in nursing care management and leadership.
    • To give the healthcare administration a new set of leaders with positive knowledge, attitude and skills.
    • Problem Statement
      • The Rural Health Care Connectivity Act of 2015 is a policy that will seek to improve healthcare delivery to the rural community.
      • The main policy focus is the reduction of the disease burden by focusing on the existing health disparity in the country.
      • However, the policy has been in the legislative stages for quite a long time and hence the benefits seems, to many people, far-fetched.
      • Problem Statement cont.….

        The lack of public and professional involvement has several effects;

        • The direct felt and actual needs of the consumers of healthcare services will not be heard.
        • The professional input of the stakeholders will be lacking.
        • The rural health care nurses will feel that they are being forced to change in a system they did not participate in.
        • The implementation of the policy will be faced with resistance from the healthcare professionals as they will find it imposed rather than necessary.

        AONE is one of the organizations that should be involved to closely

      • Recommendations
        • To solve the timing problem, the legislators should seek to ensure that all the details of the policy are ironed out in good time. This, however, require a positive political willpower and advocacy.
        • Publication of the policy in the professional websites and mainstream media will help create awareness and participation
        • The cost of public and professional participation may be higher regarding money, time and expertise requirement but it is better that having a policy that is resisted by stakeholders.
        • Main points
          • The policymakers should focus on providing a platform for collection of public and professional views.
          • The views and inputs should then be presented to the legislators to be incorporated and considered.
          • If the policy is implemented and accepted by the stakeholder, there will be a ready solution to the health disparity problem and help in reduction of disease burden.
          • AONE is one of the organizations that should be involved to closely provide input on the formulation and implementation of the policy to ensure that it is in line with the management situations for nurses.
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