Terms & Conditions

Skylinefreelancewriter.com will commonly use such terms as “We”  “Us”, “Company”  and “Our” to identify itself to the client. The company will use such terms as “You”, “Your”, “Client” or “customer” to refer to the individual that placed an order for custom essay. “Product” means the completed custom essay work delivered to the customer by the company

  • The first step towards obtaining high quality custom paper from us is placing an order. The client is expected to fill out an order form then proceed to payment.
  • You are required to provide your name and email address, phone contact (email address will be the username for the Site) among other details in the order form and select a suitable password during sign up.
  • You are required to provide accurate and precise instructions based on how you want your order completed.
  • In case order instructions require use of additional materials, you might need to upload such additional material to facilitate effective delivery of your assignment.
  • You must make payment before we begin to work on your order.
  • You must provide all the necessary and crucial information to ensure that the writer has a clear understanding of what you want.
  • You must state use of special literature or software if the same is required to complete your assignment.
  • The company has the obligation to complete your paper in line with your instructions and deliver it immediately.
  • You have a minimum of 48 hours to review the completed work delivered to you and either accept it or ask for revision
  • Revisions are provided by the writer at zero cost, however, you must adjust deadline.
  • The prices for different orders will vary based on factors such as deadline, technicality and other special services.
  • The company gives an assurance that client’s personal or other details will be confidential and will never be accessed by any third party. Refer to our privacy policy.
  • The product will not be for commercial use once sold to you. As such, displaying, distributing, transmitting or modifying of any materials from our website prior to written consent amount to breach of law. The company will therefore, not be held liable for any unauthorized use of any materials from this website.
  • By placing an order on our website you are making an offer to purchase a Product from our company.
  • Upon placing and paying for an order, the customer is expected to be readily available for contact to provide more information pertaining to the order as might be required by the writer.
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