Question 1
What can be done to eradicate the unemployment caused by the use of machines in the work place?
Question 2
There are some major themes that propagate in the entire readings. However, the readings are extensive and are encompassed with a variety of themes ranging from the technological themes to the social themes. Below is an elaboration of these themes besides, I have stated how I see these themes playing out in my personal life.
The main theme that stands out clearly in the readings is the theme of modern science. Their readings revolve around the use of technological machinery especially in the industries to make production an easy task. The machines have expeditiously reduced the use of human labor in the production processes. The use of machinery has reduced the amount of time wastage in the production processes that will probably result in the reduction of time consumed in the production process.
Another theme that comes out in the readings though weakly is the theme of the plight of women ion the society. The situation of the working women during the industrial revolution is slightly worse than that of men.

I find the theme of modern science part and parcel of the life of our lives. We use science every day in our dealings, and it has form part of our lives. We also use machines in our daily lives.

Technology has immensely made operations in my workplace both easy and efficient. However, technology has also become its bĂȘte noire since it hinders invention and innovation. With limited innovation, there will be a reduction in the improvement of the required technological field since people have been turned to machines.

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