Technology advancement and disrupters affects on Facebook

  • Facebook has displaced mainstream media in information distribution
  • It has surpassed Google as the News referral point
  • Facebook provide news consumers with choice of content and device to use
  • Unlike mainstream media, News on Facebook has no fixed schedule of delivery
  • Facebook  directs traffic to news sources hence control distribution of information
  • News can be accessed in real time
  • Facebook is affordable, efficient, convenient and the best News source alternative
  • Facebook has promoted generation and distribution of fake News
  • According to Newman (2009), Facebook has enhanced interpersonal interaction
  • Increased interaction has reconfigured business through better customer services
  • Journalism is significantly affected by the influence of Facebook in media cycles
  • Facebook provide avenue of sharing through Blogs and opinion posts with larger audience
  • The problem of unfiltered information reaching the public is attributed to Facebook
  • The quality of information from Facebook is compromised as there is little or no verification
  • Biased information is common in Facebook as the producer expresses personal beliefs
  • Journalism is threatened by the infiltration of fake News that is consumed by the public
  • Facebook has created a shift in news consumption with the help of internet age
  • In pre-satellite News age people reline on printed papers and television
  • In this Era of Facebook, people can access news online around the clock (Alejandro, 2010)
  • In this internet era, audiences choose and contribute on the content of the information
  • Facebook threaten the other sources of News and have a competitive advantage
  • It has the ability to serve larger audience than print and television media
  • Unlike Facebook, old mainstream media was expensive and sparsely located(Mahdi, 2016)
  • Facebook disseminates information faster and cheaper than television and radio
  • Television and other traditional mainstream media require equipment for transmission
  • Facebook uses internet which has over 1.5 billion people connected
  • It has plans of further coverage due to the increasing internet connectivity
  • Survey by Barthel, Shearer, Gottfried and Mitchel (2015) provide surprise statistics
  • 63% of Facebook and Twitter users are interested in events and News
  • About 31% of Facebook users filter content through the trending tab
  • Facebook therefore offer unique and attractive features to its users.
  • Facebook News’ audience serves every demographic
  • It has effectively beaten alternative print and electronic media like radio and Tv
  • Due to Facebook, News use across all gender has gone upto over 60% from 40%
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