Taking over California

The Ricos cooperated with Anglo invaders by tracking down and killing their own compatriots. Flores, who was a Mexican like them, was giving a lot of headache to the Anglos and had even caused a lot of the settlers to flee the region to Texas, therefore when they are killed by the Ricos, it brings a great relief to the region. The major reason they did so was for the sake of acquiring economic and political favor from the Anglos. For instance Pico who was a supporter of the Ricos was made a brigadier in the California militia and was also allocated a position in the state assembly. Sanchez the other supporter was made a sheriff. This were positions they would not have acquired had they not supported the Anglo invaders against their own people.

The violence which came as a result of the conquest ensured that the Californios became landless and easily controlled in many ways. For instance, the Californios were limited and restricted to the southern part of the state whereby they were uprooted from their former lands. Apart from that, the settlers who came to occupy the lands after gold was discovered and the realization that there was a free land for farming, made the Californios to become the minority group in the state. Therefore, when it came to representation in the state assembly, the Californios got very few slots which meant that they had no say in the activities which were being carried out in the region. The most notable was the decision they could have made in dividing the state into the south and the north which could have given the Mexicans who occupied the south by a majority a say in their own affairs. But this was never to be.

After the conquest, the life of the California Indians changed considerably. Land, which is the major possession they had, was subjected to a lot of scrutiny and subdivisions. The laws that were passed made owning land almost impossible to the Indians who mostly did not have the finances unlike their counterparts the Anglo invaders. The lands were thereby occupied forcibly by the Anglo invaders with the backing of the laws that were put in place by the authorities. Apart from that the rights to mining was greatly restricted as it ensured that only the gringos could benefit from the mines. The laws were also passed restricting the Indians from testifying in any case as far as justice issues were concerned in the state. This was a law which was indirectly applied to deal with the Spanish former controlled groups as a way of edging out the Spaniards from the politics of the region. The other step they took was the refusal to translate the laws to Spanish thereby dealing a final blow to the Spanish interests in the region.

Junipero Serra deserved to be accorded the status of a saint because of the role he played in the whole conquest. He is attributed to have given protection to the natives of the land who were facing a lot in terms of brutal treatment from the Anglo American who were invading their lands. Not only was their property taken away from them by force but also the maltreatments they were subjected to were simply inhuman. Therefore in the activities played by Junipero there was a great relief for them. Hence he really deserved the recognition.


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