Summary of MRI Costs & Price Transparency in Today’s Healthcare Market

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) denotes a non-invasive imaging technology producing a detailed three-dimensional anatomical image. It is a very costly tool, according to Emma (2016), the cost of a single scan can run up to $2600 before insurance coverage kicks in to assist in the payment process of high deductible health insurance plans. It is very costly because few firms manufacture it. The cost of MRI procedures for an individual varies from one facility to another as well as the range of MRI services. For example,

CMS Diagnostic services $400 for an MRI without contrast  
the Central Magnetic Imaging Center $450 for an MRI without contrast $750 for an MRI with contrast
Stand Up MRI of the Miami $585 for an open MRI with or without contrast $705 for a Closed MRI with or without contrast


It took me a few hours to research local MRI facilities through the Internet and calling the facilities was mentally taxing and not that time consuming. The specific type of MRI determines the time taken in completing the procedure. I received adequate quality of care which made me feel the value of the service was met. I felt very comfortable after the healthcare staff fully explained the whole process to me. While researching, I discovered that there is no price transparency through phone conversation as many facilities failed to provide direct quotes for MRI procedure. There must be medical information at hand so as to provide transparent information as well as accurate pricing without having and verifying insurance information.  Large insurance companies and private insurance as well as Medicare allow charges for MRI thus provide coverage for the MRI.

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